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14k Mr Gold found!

edited March 2013 in Collecting
Hi everyone, I would like to share with you an amazing discovery!

I am from Hungary and just received cases of Series 10 figures.
I sell sealed boxes so decided to weigh them for Mr. gold, since I can not open them. I did not have high hope because 5000 worldwide is not many from my experience. But amazing, one box definitely weighed more!

So I open it and it did not take long to tell which bag is heaviest and then I feel the hat! But when I open it, even bigger surprise! He is shiny gold and insert say "Congratulations, 1 of 5 14k gold figure!" But that is not all!! Best part is it say I may attend with one guest a Lego Inside Factory tour in 2014!

I am not sure if the figure is solid gold or only plate. It has printing and not etching like gold c3po last time. Can anyone at Lego tell me?

I attached a photo. I took with my camera phone so sorry for the poor quality. I have the paper too but it has a code so can not post that!

400 x 533 - 240K


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