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FAQ: "BURPS? SNOT? CRAPP? What language are you speaking?"

edited November 2012 in FAQs
Like most hobbies, LEGO fans have developed their own language, their own 'verbal shorthand', to help describe & discuss the details of the hobby/obsession. These abbreviations & phrases have evolved over a long period of time & it can be difficult for new members of the community to understand what they mean & how they are used. There should be no embarrassment about asking what a particular term means, but to help members of the community, there is an on-line dictionary of terms, the 'Bricktionary' at the Tabletown site, here -

If you come across a term you don't understand, please check out the 'Bricktionary' first; if that doesn't help, then ask someone for help.

I've also created some specific lists:
Collectors Abbreviations and Acronyms:
Builders Abbreviations and Acronyms:

For example -
BURP - 'Big Ugly Rock Piece' ( )
SNOT - 'Studs Not On Top' ( )
CRAPP - 'Crummy Ramp And Pit Plate' ( )

Further glossaries can be found -
Eurobricks -
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