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001 Gears?

edited June 2011 in Collecting
I found this interesting set at Salvation Army (of all places). I searched and searched for information on this set and found nothing. I was wondering if anyone out there knows anything of this set (year released, current price, etc.). Any information is appreciated.

Also I have included a box and contents picture.


  • BrickLink has it listed as 1965. It was made by Samsonite in the U.S.. They used to be all over Ebay but I haven't seen a copy in a while. I have a set. I don't believe they are worth a whole lot, maybe $30 or so. Search Ebay once a week to see how much it goes for. Todd
  • Samsonite must have made a ton of these because they seem pretty common. $30 seems awful high. There's one on eBay right going for $26 that hasn't sold and unless I'm mistaken it's been on there a while.
  • The 001 Gear Set was released at Christmas 1965... my next door neighbor got it then, and we played with it for many weeks. It was sold by Samsonite (although designed in Denmark). It was sold in the USA from 1965-72, and in Canada from 1965-74. Due to the very long production run, it can be purchased for a reasonable price, since so many were produced.

    It differed from the later (1970-75) European Gears in that these Samsonite gears were held by large and small LEGO wheels and the 4x4 turntables, whereas the European gears of the 70s were held by milky-white axles and 2x4 gray bricks with axle holes.

    The 001 Gear set inner drawer (held together with an outer sleeve, not a box)... was also found in several other sets that had 2 drawers with an outer box. Sets such as...

    001 Gear Set
    003 Master Mechanic Set
    005 Discovery Set
    704 Master Discovery Set
    322 Educational Gear Set
  • For some reason the attachments on my previous post didn't attach... so here they are again...

    Although other USA/Canada Samsonite sets had the Samsonite type gears, these particular ones had the gear tray similar to the one found in the 001 Gear set. All but the 322 Educational Set also had a 2nd tray stacked on top with just LEGO elements.

    For anyone today with young children, these Samsonite gears (as a set, or even individual gears) are 4 decades later still very reasonably priced, and are an excellent and affordable way to introduce children to the Technic system (as young engineers) when they're much older.

    One additional plus for the Samsonite gears.... they're very durable for even young children, and all were made of the non-warping ABS plastic.
    #003.jpg 57.9K
    #005.jpg 69.5K
    #704.jpg 75.8K
    #322.jpg 22.4K
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