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Legoland Windsor - Pick-a-brick wall

Do they still have it? I've heard rumours that it's been removed this year.

I'm going tomorrow, and whilst I know the choice isn't usually that great and it's quite expensive, I'd still be tempted to get some if they have what I need as it's technically my closest Lego store.


  • We went a couple of months ago and there was no PAB wall that time.
  • Damn :(

    I wonder why they removed it
  • Appalling value? They can make better profit using the space to sell sets.
  • Value or not, I'm sure plenty of people still purchased bricks from it.
  • edited May 2013
    ^ Value has everything to do with it.

    Most retail companies have something called 'sales per sq ft' (or something similar), which will basically tell them how much money they make per square foot of space for each department.

    So if you have 20ft of space for department A, and it makes £10 per sq ft (for example, and you have 10ft of space for department B, which makes £20 per sq ft, it makes complete sense to move things around and give dept B more space than dept A, because it's very likely you'll get more sales that way (assuming you can get the same range of products on display) .
  • All true but TLG is a little different from your average retailer and it strikes me that they are less concerned with sales density and more with the brand experience. If they were all about sales density then the centre of the stores would be racked out instead of the occasional build a minifig or bargain bin.
  • If this is Legoland, that's not owned by TLG.
  • I think all parks and LDCs sell by weight. IIRC it was £8 /100g at Christmas and the choice was dire.

    I'm hoping Gunzburg is still as good as I remember a few years back, as I'm going in July
  • Just got back from LLW - It's definitely gone :( I asked about it and was told they removed it over the Winter break. I also asked if it was just Windsor or if the other Legolands had done the same but they didn't know.
  • Not sure its anything to do with space, as they could fit more retail displays in the shop area if they wanted to. The space where the PAB was last year is now occupied by a Laval, and he gets more interest than the PAB did with kids getting a picture taken next to it. It was probably a really bad seller and more hastle than it was worth.
  • It probably was a bad seller lined up next to the sets you could buy. When I last looked the selection was awful, very basic bricks in very basic and common colours. If there had been a wider variety of elements or wider choice of rarer colors (pinks, purples, limes etc...) it may have been a better seller...
  • I remember the Legoland Windsor PaB well. Too well.
    When the park was owned by TLG, the PaB wall was huge. So huge, in fact it had it's own shop in the park. They used to have a huge selection of bricks, everything from round plates to palm tree leaves. They always sold it by weight, back then it was £5/100g. Almost like an Aladdin's cave, if you ask me.
    Time passed, and Legoland Windsor was sold to Merlin. With that, the PaB wall became much smaller and more basic, and moved into the main shop (The old PaB shop is now the clothes store there). Back in 2009/2010, there used to be a decent brick selection, including my favourite, the jewels.
    Then, the PaB wall reduced in size and selection again, removing parts like the jewels and even round plates completely. Just basic bricks remained.
    And, this year, sad to say it's gone forever, vanished without trace. Now, where the PaB wall once was in the shop, you'll only find Duplo now :-(

    And @LostInTranslation I now wish we had that sort of PaB wall in the UK. I could spend days upon days and many many £'s when faced with one of them! Sounds like a builder's dream! Must say, makes Lego Store PaB walls look, well, poor?
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