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Free Ninjago Spinner, Minifigures and cards - NITRO Magazine.

edited July 2011 in Collecting
Just bought 3 copies of the boys (pre-treeeen) magazine NItro - £3.99 issue. Get a free Jay or Frakjaw lego minifigure, spinner and cards.
More details...


  • can you get that magazine here in the usa?
  • Don't think so.
  • Just picked up a copy for the little one.. came with Frakjaw. Already had him in the Skeleton Chopper promotion but nice to get his armour now :)
  • I presume these are Chinese crap plastic? (no (c) LEGO under foot=Chinese)
  • Might well be right there Huw
  • Got 4, 4xFrakjaw :(
    Can anyone tell me what this whole Spinner thing is about? The minifigs seem to pop up a bit if you twist the spinner, not sure what that is about...
    Do you spin them like a spinning top or is there some other method? And I assume you 'battle' them in some way?!?
  • Found one of these today, got the blue ninja. Looks like theres a chance to win a load of ninjago sets if you find the red ninja.

    @princedraven from what I can work out you spin them like tops towards each other. As they spin they move up and down, I guess to make it more likely that one will knock the other off their studs (if they were just clipped on I don't think any one would fall off)
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