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Logo Building Competition

Following on from all the raffle fun we had earlier this year I'm in the process of putting together an official charity. I'm currently working on the legals and structure and this is an early chance for Bricksetters to get involved.

This contest is to produce a brick built logo and/or mascot to be used on the website, in promotional material etc. It would be great if the mascot could be scaled into a variety of sizes. Think polybag for a quick build and showcase size for more scale.

The charity will be known as Fairy Bricks so take that as a starting point but let your imagination run wild. Brick built and LDD entries will be accepted. If you want to be involved then just drop me a pm so you can email pics/files of your creation. I'll let it run until the end of September and with a panel of judges hopefully pick a winner.

Entry is open to all so don't worry about your location. The prize is your logo/mascot being used in what I hope turns out to be something special and I'll try and come up with a little bonus poly.

Any questions just post in the thread. Good luck everyone!


  • Fairy Bricks! Awesome!
    I'll have to have a think if I can come up with anything decent for a logo :-)
  • This is a wonderful idea @SirKevbags and I wish you every successes in making your vision a reality.

    The Hairy Godfather minifigure @LostInTranslation used on the fund counter would make fantastic mascot and would look great waving his wand over the logo.
  • What a wonderful thing to do @SirKevbags. You truly are a knight in shining armor, and well deserving of your title. Wishing you much success in this latest endeavor.
  • @LegoMom1 Thanks for the kind words. They are much appreciated. Lets all hope its a success.

    Now I've had a few messages saying people would love to enter but they don't have enough parts in the colours they want to use.

    Do not worry about your design being perfect. If the concept is right it can still win. This should very much be about the fun first and foremost. Make it a family activity.
  • edited September 2013

    Ah-hah! So it's a tax-dodge! ;o)

    We all knew the 'devil' would shows its horns at some point. :oP


    Best of luck with the chaaaaaarriddy, mate!

  • edited September 2013
    This is a great idea, but playing around with the Bricks and Pieces site, I happened to see this wet-blanket message in an email I received:

    "You're not allowed to use our bricks and pieces for commercial purposes such as promotional campaigns, marketing and PR. Neither can we allow you to associate LEGO elements with any other company's name or logo. "

    Hopefully there is an exception for charitable use. Note: The above text was only in the email. The exact text does not appear on their fair use page, though a form of it does.
  • @tensor I'll ask the question to the relevant person tomorrow. I appreciate the input.
  • After a chat with TLG I can confirm that a brick built logo and/or mascot are fine to be used. If a stud is shown then the LEGO logo must not be easily seen. As the model is likely to be illustrated anyway that won't be a problem.

    The minifig however can't be used as it is a registered trade mark. I hope that helps.
  • Last day for entries today folks.....
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