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Shell V power promo UK

Anybody know anything about this?

I have looked on the Shell site and general google search and can't find any more details.


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    There are no flyers or anything of the like mentioning the promotion in the windows of my local US Shell station, guess I should ask the manager. It seems odd that more than one month before the actual promotion that there is mention of it. I checked the Shell site, and the UK or US isn't even shown, just some central European countries and Chile.
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    Probably these?
    We had them earlier in the year.
  • Any hint on these coming to the US?
  • When the promotion started in the far east in 2012 I emailed Shell UK who confirmed that we would be seeing the promotion in the UK but at the time didn't specify when. It looks as if its imminent, then, maybe in the run-up to Christmas which would make sense.
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    At last, great news! My car will finally be treated to more the £20 at a time!
  • Is V Power also in diesel form? MAke the polybag about £3.50 I reckon if u dn't use the fuel anyway
  • ^ Yes I believe so. But I kinda wish they would make them available to buy on their own (even if they were £5 each) rather than having to fill up with the premium stuff which I think pushes £1.40 a litre (petrol)... and as for convincing the guy who drives the car (who only fills up with £10 of cheap fuel at a time), that would be a challenge... :-(

    But I would like to try getting hold of some of these as I'm a total sucker for licensed Lego supercars :-)
  • I'm going to struggle with this one as I use about £30 of petrol per month and there isn't a Shell garage within 10 miles of where I live. It's a shame that this isn't the Esso promotion again.
  • i spend about £70 a week on fuel so this might be right up my street
  • My motorbike only has a 20 litre tank, so even if it was completely empty I wouldn't get £30 worth in :-(
  • Definitely a diesel variant is available for V-power. It almost pays for itself in efficiency savings on a modern diesel. It's greater purity halves the amount of DPF regens on my car which lower mpg noticeably when a regen is happening. I get about 5% more mpg with V-power, and it costs me about 6% more. I will be aiming to get the set if it's on for more than a month (generally spend about £120 a month on diesel).
  • Well I probably put about £120 worth of cheap fuel in my diesel, so can probably fill up £30 a week at a Shell station, since my wife sits in the car when I fill up, she won't notice that its cost about £10 extra
  • rawbob said:

    i spend about £70 a week on fuel so this might be right up my street

    I'm the same plus I pass three Shell stations on the way to and from work.
    Finally a benefit to having a car that drinks like Oliver Reed.
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    I nearly always use V-power. Although the price per litre seems expensive, it actually works out cheaper.
    £50 of V-power will give me more miles than £50 of regular fuel.
  • Shame our company fuel card has just been changed to BP, but at least the Total garage I drive past every day is now a Shell Garage!
  • Me and my parents just so happen to be visiting the UK (to see family in Wales and then London to see a friend) in November, so hopefully I can pick something up during the promotion.

    The pit crew sounds interesting...
  • Anyone heard anything about a date for this in the UK yet? I was driving around on fresh air for most of the weekend, because I didn't want to fill the car up, just in case the promotion started today, but had to give in in the end.

    Not sure how I'm going to manage £30 a week for 5 weeks. Our little car only takes about £38 to fill it up completely, and I won't manage to empty the tank in a week.
    Fortunately the big one has a 70 litre tank, so may be able to eke a couple of weeks purchases out of that.

    As soon as I know the date, I can start running them both down.
  • ^ Good excuse to drive like a demon for 6 weeks? If the police stop you just explain you are chasing some Lego Ferraris, I am sure they will not give you a ticket for that.
  • November 8th I think
  • Nov 7th according to hotukdeals original poster.

    Seems mpg on my new Golf GTD using V-power diesel is poor. It's not as potent as regular Shell (Cetane number = 56 on regular, 52 on V-power).

    Some others with same car as mine (on the Golf GTI forum) are seeing 10% better fuel economy with regular shell. So for spending £4 more a tank on V-power and getting 10% less economy is actually costing me about £10 more per tank. I'd rather buy my Lego sets off ebay or pay a bit more for a non V-power purchase if that is possible.
  • Cheers for that.
    I've certainly noticed an improvement in mpg when using the V-Power petrol. Mostly because you don't need to rev so hard or change down so often.

    Might all be in my mind I suppose, but I certainly seem to go further on a tank of this than the regular stuff.

    Anyway - Lego Ferrari's here I come!
  • *bump*
    Anyone heard anything about this yet? It all seems to have gone a bit quiet...
  • I was just wondering if there was anything else official from Shell yet, but a quick search came up with nothing. Driving a few hundred miles for work in the coming days so I will be keeping an eye out if I pass some Shell garages.
  • The 7th November is looking pretty unlikely now given the lack of promotion.

  • Just rang Shell and they said it was starting Nov 9th and running for a month. They were a bit unsure of any other details beyond that, but it does seem to be happening at least.
  • Cheers all! I'll have another look at the weekend.
  • I suppose its not in their best interest to advertise a promotion that hasn't started yet but nearly empty so might just stick a tenner in to see me through until Saturday!!!
  • given the video on the website is over a year old, and this is one of the follow ups then we should be seeing the Lego soon -
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    Oh no I'm out of the country for the first week.... Nooooo!
  • Looks imminent, chucked a tenner in my car today, should see me through until Sunday morning when I'll fill up with £30 an then just keep filling up £30 as and when I need it, with the price of the fuel, I can easily get two lots in my tank, but since its a model every week need to conserve myself.
  • Lol, I don't even know where a Shell garage exists! None near me anyway!
  • Interestingly, the terms and conditions for both the minifigures and the models say that it starts today. In 5 minutes in fact!
  • ^ Same, none near me, checked on there online map thing, which says there is one about 10min drive but it must be years out of date as there hasn't been one there in all the time I have lived where I do.
  • These are going to be hard work.......
  • Anyone know how it works, can you pick any one of the 6 available with each £30 purchase, or are different cars available at different times?
  • I think it's supposed to be a different one each week, but in Australia, a friend said they were all available from day one.
  • Don't suppose they'll let us just buy them outright, instead of having to fill up with petrol...? Would probably be expensive, anyway (£6 or £7 each, maybe).
  • Don't suppose they'll let us just buy them outright, instead of having to fill up with petrol...? Would probably be expensive, anyway (£6 or £7 each, maybe).

    You could call a local garage and ask?
  • the T&Cs say you can't.
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    You can in Finland €10, so I suppose about £8 but maybe different T&Cs in UK but would think they would let you .. :)
  • Well, we are good at finding loopholes so this might not work in the UK, but I'll share anyhow, maybe it will work for you, too:
    Here in Hungary in regions where the car polybags weren't selling good the cashiers were happy to give the cars out for the promo price even without purchasing fuel towards the end of the promotion. They simply put them on the bills of customers who paid in cash and didn't want them.

    I could buy dozens this way for 700 HUF which was the price if you bought them together with normal fuel. (V-Power price was 400 HUF.)
  • The promotion went live as of 9am according to my local stations staff. The poly is £1.49 when you spend £30 on V power fuel, only one per transaction unfortunately. The minifigure poly is free when you purchase helix oil. Offer runs from now until 8th of January.
  • I remember when the Esso promotion was out a few years ago you could stop by and grab one with a £5 purchase of goods in the shop. Hoping to pick something up this way as I don't own a car in the UK! LOL.
  • Excellent, so can someone confirm you can pick the model? In that case I've plenty of time and I'll just get £30 at a time when I need it, at least its not a weekly thing.

    Come January I imagine they'll be selling them over the counter
  • @jockosjungle I was given the choice of model, so it may be the same at other stations.
  • I don't suppose someone would be willing to pick me up one #30196? I am in the US.
  • Well, the Shell station closest to my office was a bit weird! I filled up with £30, asked about the Lego and was given the minifigure set for free. I thought they were only available when you bought oil? I was so baffled, I didn't stop to ask if I could buy one of the cars for £1.49 too.

    @Russell844 if this wasn't a one off and I get another set of the figs, I'll let you know.
  • Cheeka said:

    Well, the Shell station closest to my office was a bit weird! I filled up with £30, asked about the Lego and was given the minifigure set for free. I thought they were only available when you bought oil?

    I reckon you're looking at a tenner at least for the oil you need to buy to get the minifigure set, so lucky you !
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