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Lego Movie Accessory Pack Polybags #5002041 for trade

Hello, today I have a couple of the Lego Movie Accessory Pack Polybags #5002041 for trade, if anyone is interested.

I am looking for these minifigs, if possible:

Black Widow(preferred)
Iron Fist(preferred)
Bruce Wayne(preferred)
Weequay Guard
Gamorrean Guard
Lego Movie CMF Panda Guy
CMF Series 11 Jazz Musician

Will ship nearly worldwide! Let me know! I have a few trades on brickset, and over 220 positive 100% feedback on E-bay under keneal32(not a current user because I haven't used it in awhile


  • One of the polybags has been traded, thank you. I still have one left!

    I purchased Black Widow and Iron Fist separately at my local flea market, and am trading for a Panda Guy and Jazz Musician. Don't need the Weequay or Gamorrean Guards after all either.

    These are the minifigs I am currently looking for:

    Bruce Wayne

    Will trade one for one for either of these minifigs! Let me know, and thanks!
  • @Goldchains

    I have what you are looking for to trade, drop me a PM if still available and hopefully we can work something out,? :-)
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