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Ninjago question

edited September 2011 in Everything else LEGO
Hi just seen an ad for Ninja go and suddenly thought am i right or wrong?

Do you say "ninja go" or "nin jago" the ad said the second one and that got me thinking what is the correct way of saying it. Has TLG confirmed which one it is?


  • The instructions for the spinners indicate that your are meant to shout "Ninja..GO!" before playing, so I'm guessing its that. Did the advert pronounce it the jago way?
  • HobHob
    edited September 2011
    yes it's on the website in the Ninjago section near the bottom.

    Correction on play but at bottom of the lego page not in the ninjago section sorry.

    Says it twice at begining and the end.
  • edited September 2011
    Yeah the voiceover at the end definately says "nin-JARGoh", and as it's an official lego advert I guess they would have corrected him if he was pronouncing it wrong!
  • I say "ninja go" as well!
  • I think that most English language speakers would naturally place the stress on the first syllable (NINja go).

    That's how I read it, but, like @Hob, I did a double-take when I was watching videos on the website the other day and I heard the ad use the "nin JAgo" stress. Sounds kind of Spanish with the stress on the penultimate syllable. It would be fun to hear what kids on the playground call it. Do they preserve the "ninja" stress, or do they follow the pronunciation heard in the ads?
  • Based on the play it is Ninja ... Go. but initially I thought it was nin jago...
  • Yeah the voiceover at the end definately says "nin-JARGoh", and as it's an official lego advert I guess they would have corrected him if he was pronouncing it wrong!
    That is pretty much the right way to say it; confirmed to me by several Lego employees ... If you read the back-story, they are the ninjas of Ninjago (nin-JAR-goh), which is supposed to be the name of the place they are from.
  • I tend to call it NINJA go, at least at first, simply because when i first saw them I felt they were ninja's, that go, and assumed LEGO had just combined the two words.

    The official lego ads came a little late for me to easily change, but it's definitely nin-JARgo, officially.

  • edited September 2011
    I believe the theme itself is simply "Ninja-GO", but the land is definitely called "Nin-JAH-go", no?!

    Bob Marley would approve.

    Jah Rule!

  • I talked to the Lego rep a week or so back at the local TRU, she pronounced it the nin JAgo...not that it really means anything. lol
  • I looked it up and it definitely means something... according to an ancient reference I found here at the college library, it roughly translates to: waste of a theme
  • I once heard two small kids arguing in the TRU aisle over the proper pronunciation of BUYonicle / BEEonicle. :o)
  • edited September 2011
    All of the first grade boys in my son's class call it "Nin JAHgo." I haven't heard any child say "Ninja Go" yet.
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