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Redbullgivesuwind: Hello from Surrey

Hi Im Jon I live in Guildford in Surrey and have been out of my twilight stage (I loved lego just didnt buy anything) for about 5 years now. I am a historian in training and enjoy movies, martial arts, re enactment, and most music (not heavy rap, Dance or Heavy Metal).

I collect Star Wars and the Castle themes and have a few ideas for MOCs i hope to get off the ground at some point and show them off.


  • Hey Redbullgivesuwind, welcome to the Brickset forums. I'm new as well, and I also enjoy movies. What kind of martial arts do you do, and what kind of reenactment did you mean?

    Can't wait to see some of your MOC's. Keep us updated.
  • Hey Jon! Looking forward to seeing some of your MOCs!
  • Welcome aboard Jon! We hope you have a good time here. Now sit back, relax, and have a cup of Lego juice (j/k)
  • Hi neighbour and welcome aboard :)
  • Thanks there are a few up on my flickr feed but they aren't great :-D.

    @4WD i do jiu jitsu although its taken a back seat due to work and being prone to injury but hope to pick it up once it quietens down. I do medieval re enactment I'm no longer part of a group but sometimes i do bits at guildford castle. Im not one of those odd people who go to shows dressed even though there not part of it
  • @Redbullgivesuwind

    Sorry, was away for a while. Haven't done re-enacting or Jiu Jitsu, but I can say that they both sound quite fascinating. As you're an aspiring historian, do you ever create scenes out of LEGO from history? (Seems like a popular subject judging by the other people's MOC's.)
  • @4WD
    They are great fun do them! Yeah I do try to I dont have alot of time to building but occasionally I will. My doing a redesgin of my medieval church (see profile pick) going for less multi colours. I may have something for AFOLCON not sure yet. What about you
  • @Redbullgivesuwind

    Your church looks good, but it will look even better when you fix the multicolours.

    Me, I'm not much of a MOCer but like any LEGO fan I love to build. I've got Fire Brigade still built and Hogwarts Castle is being built from my parts bin. I haven't been to a convention here in Canada, but I'd like to some day.
  • yeah its the best bit dont really do the whole MSIB
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