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Lego links

MinifigsMeMinifigsMe Member
edited October 2011 in Photography/Video
I'm now officially out of the closet in terms of my LEGO-ness, and so my friends regularly send me lego links. Here are some of the best. I don't read other lego blogs, so I'm not sure how widely known these are...

http://geektyrant.com/news/2011/10/3/star-wars-toy-photography-is-truly-amazing.html - lego (and other toys amazing photography)

http://mikedoylesnap.blogspot.com/2011/09/victorian-on-mud-heap.html - black and white houses

http://www.pioneervalleyrollerderby.com/image_gallery/legorollerderby/ (because I play roller derby)

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