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What's your LEGO 'status' today?



  • Just filled 4 PAB boxes in Orland Park. 6 more to go at two other stores!
  • Holy moley, my package has arrived at the office in a humungous box. How on earth am I meant to get that beast home??
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    Part it out in the office :)

    Serioulsly though, Just chuck away all the cardboard (including the Lego cardboard :) - something Ive done before! )
  • ^ Ha, might have to. I'm not precious about the boxes - it still pains @flump6528 when I tell the story of how I bought Diagon Alley in the States and left the box in the hotel room so I could fit it in my suitcase :-)
  • Im assuming you bought what I bought, and once split and unbagged the bricks from Portal of atlantis and 3x pyramids would take up about the space of 2 or 3 reams of paper.
  • Just grabbing a coffee before I head back into the meeting with my laptop.
    478 x 640 - 83K
  • ^tee he he he. I think we should do a lego office block, sexy secretaries, computer geeks, fat cats etc.. :D
  • Had a spat with the gf after she started a "lego intervention" following my trip to the mall and coming home with Tower Bridge & some PAB. =(

    GF: "All day you're online buying Lego or building it. I'm surrounded by it now. How would you feel if I did scrap booking and there were a ton of pictures all over the floor and tables."

    Me: "Don't make me choose, it might not end well for you." <~~Bad idea in retrospect
  • @Brickdancer - How to phrase this. Less wiser words have seldom been spoken. ;)

    But is this the same GF who suggested that weird placement of the CMFs in your display case? Hmmm.
  • Yeah, perhaps you could have called her bluff: "Wow, that would be great if you did that, I would love to support your scrap booking hobby like that!"

  • Kicking myself, because while inventoring my orders from Bricklink and shop@home and my own collection to build the Cafe Corner, I realised I am short 13 different parts in various quantities. Had to put in another Bricklink order. Ahhh! But at least my husband helped me seperate it all and count it.
  • @littletoki yes she's always been supportive up until last night. That's why I think it was a bad mistake to rashly push it further out of annoyance instead of carefully defusing the situation. She does like the Lego, just that her big 3-0 bday party only 3 weeks away and I haven't done much to prepare for. So when I spent $300 on at the B&M Lego store and she couldn't find a bday dress, that was probably what sparked all this.

    @dougts she's a bluff caller, I learned that one from previous experience. If I did last night, I may be up to my knees in picture clippings soon. She would consume a ton of floor space, if that happened it would majorly affect my sorting capabilities =)
  • Contemplating using a storage locker site since I am running low on space but want to continue collecting.
  • I would've said, "feel free to have you scrapbooking all over the place (just lik doug said)." Figured if you both have a hobby, even if it's separately, then why not? You're both adults. You both know when it's getting in the way. Hopefully, she's not hiding a real problem with it.
  • Trying to choose a destination for spring break. How do people do this when they have their own LEGO store (3 days!, not that anyone's counting) and don't have to plan trips around visiting one?
  • ^You mean just going on a normal vacation with no issues regarding how to plan it around a Lego Store? Just go somewhere you've always wanted to go I guess.
  • Just cleaned out part of my closet filled with old paint supplies and junk to replace it with all my recently sorted legos stored in a bunch of bins. Still some cleaning, sorting and organizing to be done, but it looks great so far.
  • Sent the GF on an online shopping spree and all is happy again =) It wasn't the Lego's fault afterall.

    Back to sortin and organizing, prepping for Jumbalaya at the same time.
  • Nice that everything worked out for ya. Jumbalaya sounds cool too. I'm trying to decide if I am going to open either an excavator, unimog, mvr, mmv or something else. Just built the endor battle pack, cool figs.
  • Planing to part out my sets once my new storage set gets here and then building my villa and endor moc
  • The sun's out. Might go Lego cold turkey for a while.
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    Just grabbing a coffee before I head back into the meeting with my laptop.
    Now you're just showing off... :P

    Guess my status would be: Hoping my WHSmiths has series 7 this lunchtime... :D
  • Wondering if I get Green Grocer will I stop obsessing about the modulars? Or will I then want something else?
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    Part it out in the office :)
    To the amusement (or maybe bemusement?) of my colleagues I have just spent my lunch break reducing the Portal of Atlantis and Atlantis HQ into a tesco carrier bag :D
    and also packaging up several parcels - lots of "Lego trafficking" today, as one of them put it!

  • @ktmo I'm betting on the latter.

    @dougout not terribly serious, only left our dark age a year ago. I did like your "I guess" as though you didn't really know either :).
  • Part it out in the office :)

    To the amusement (or maybe bemusement?) of my colleagues I have just spent my lunch break reducing the Portal of Atlantis and Atlantis HQ into a tesco carrier bag :D
    and also packaging up several parcels - lots of "Lego trafficking" today, as one of them put it!

    If I heard just one piece fall on someone's desk at my office, I would immediately start to investigate. Lol.
  • Still parting out sets, watching the Apprentice, it occurred to me that there should be a Star Wars version called the Padawan where Vader takes on interns to help him destroy rebel scum and each week the loser gets Force-choked. I'd watch that show.
  • ^ You made me giggle. I would watch that too.
  • Actually, now that I think of it, the regular show could be jazzed up by adding CGI emperor-stylee zaps from Lord Sugar's finger when he says the immortal words, "you're fired [my very young apprentice]".
  • Pizza Port pizza, Warm Water Wheat beer, and planning our trip to Legoland tomorrow. Man I miss San Diego.
  • edited March 2012
    ^ Me too. I have been in Hell, AZ for 7 years! I miss the San Diego zoo, Balboa park, etc. Hoping next year we can go back for vacation.
    Right now, I am done with instruction booklet 1 for the cafe corner, tomorrow I will finish the rest.
  • Excited to meet many LEGO peeps today. Was thinking my husband might be lego-ed out after a night of lego speak last night, but I think not :)
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    Wishing I was in Sheffield with everyone, oh well.
    Another bricklink box arrived, so I've finished my cafe corner middle floor (replaced all the substitutes) and I'm cracking on with the doublesize maersk, which just gets better and better.
    The 2/3 finished town hall is still sitting there unloved.
  • Hoping someone sells the town hall on its own. I dont want the figures just gonna moc with it. My villa is starting to have a roof to keep those pesky romans dry :-)
  • Has unexpectedly bought a cafe corner!
  • It was a deal! A steal! So happy for you.
  • edited March 2012
    ^^ it was very unexpected for your hubby! Loved his face when you bought it. Kev's right, it was a bargain though.
    Had a lovely lovely day in Sheffield with fab Lego people. Thanks guys (you know who you are ;-)
  • ^ When he was bent over double it was hilarious ;-) Great to meet everyone despite it being all to brief. I'll do better next time so long as there is more cake!
  • ^ Jealous! Sounds like you all had a wonderful time.

    I'm eating potato chips and building the VW Camper van. Which doesn't make for a good combo since I have to wash my hands in between chips.
  • Gotta say, pretty chuffed with the gold c-3po I picked cheap today. :o)
  • ^ Did you really want it though? ;-)
  • @Savage_Steel if you build it in the bags, I hope you don't split them open in the process!
  • Desperately waiting for the rest of the Marvel sets to hit UK stores.
  • Niiccee gold nugget @flump6523.
  • edited March 2012
    ^^^ lol.
    @Kevbags, I will endeavour to always bring cake... though long car journeys may make it a bit less appetising! Any requests for AFOLcon/the Lego show? ;-)

    Have been a total muppet and somehow forgotten to bring home my overnight bag, but managed to remember the four bags of Lego!! LIT = Numpty.
  • ^ So long as its genuine cake and not something masquerading... That rules out anything with fruit and carrot. Rather partial to coffee and if you want details of a very special chocolate one let me know :-)
  • Got up at 6:30 to hit a yard sale half an hour away that advertised "knex and Legos.". Nearly sparked a criminal investigation when they had NONE of the latter. Not because they had sold, oh no... They never had any to start with. I kept thinking there must be some kind of mistake, because the only alternative would be that that these people are [message abruptly terminates]
  • Clearly Nick has to build it in the bags, he's the expert. He's very proud of his reindeer! Really had a fantastic day, and lovely to meet more brick people. We're both chuffed to bits with the Cafe Corner. If everything goes tits up, it'll be the last set we sell that's for sure. Hopefully we'll build it before that has to happen!

    Now just finding boxes of lego to sell tomorrow to pay for the CC. And making @martyn's minifigs for him.

    Please help a struggling lego addict and buy minifigs from me people! ;-)
  • PS the cake was lovely!
  • @Savage_Steel I meant to ask you today about a football team! Can you do figures with 70's hair? ;-)
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