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Dublin [IRELAND] where to find Lego?

edited January 2012 in Shopping Elsewhere
Hello Bricksetters,

I am going to Dublin for 2 days next week for work, and I have 2-3 hours spare time on thursday afternoon...
I was wondering where I could find some LEGO of course ;)

Thanks a million!


  • I'm not from Dublin myself, but there are three shops within close proximity of each other on Jervis Street. Smyths Toys is right next to Toy Master (though I have not visited the latter, and I'm only speculating as to their stocking of LEGO). Then in Jervis Street Shopping Centre there is a branch of a store called Art and Hobby which stocks LEGO. Their selections aren't nearly as extensive as Smyths as they are a small store, but occasionally you find slightly older sets as they don't tend to have the same turnover of stock.

    There might be a Dublin native who could direct you further, but that'll hopefully give you a start anyway.
  • Thanks Steve,
    yes hopefully somebody can help
  • Watch the arts and crafts stores. While it is a nice shop their lego is usually very expensive, as in a few euro more than in Smyths. Selection is usually limited too.
  • Steve gave you a very good overview as there is a concentration of Lego retailers in that location. In addition to the shops he mentioned there is also an Argos in the Jervis Street Shopping Centre. If you are not familiar with the city Jervis Street is at the end of the pedestrianised Henry Street which is itself north of the river off the main O'Connell Street. You can plan ahead online.

    You can reserve sets in advance on (with no penalty if you decide not to show up). As Beegeedee advised, Smyths is the cheapest and has the largest range. New Star Wars, Friends, Dino, Super heroes, CM6 and city sets all in stock in my local Smyths.
  • ok, great, I am at the airport now on the way there ;)
    was planning to buy the super heroes theme since it is not coming to sweden before may...
  • so, I did my tour of differents shops in central dublin,
    SMYTHS: the best, impressive wall of lego, everything was there, from friends to superheroes, price is matching lego or just below. bought the superheroes theme.

    TOYMASTER: if you want overpriced cars and toystory themes, this is the store! i found 4950 for 10 eur though...but they do not seem to have good turnover in that one.

    ARt and Hobby, have a few selections, batcave at 79,99 (instead of 89.99)

    Debenhams: 50% on minifigures serie 5...i grabbed a few, but plenty more...

    ARGOS: out of stock or not in stock yet, but on display....i hate that shop anyway...

    then a few pints of guiness...but that is nothing new in Ireland :)
  • Sounds like you made the most of your short stay, hope you enjoyed it!
  • I was in that Toymaster store on Saturday. Re turnover, it had just received stock from another shop that had closed down recently. There was some really old stuff in there including a 9v train controller and a damaged box of curved 9v track which one of our members is haggling over, some 2001 racers sets and a lone box of Jack Stone!
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