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New Friends polybag

edited January 2012 in The Database
Found a polybag at Toys R Us. Set 5000245, "Stephanie." Very simple set - a Stephanie doll and a 2x2 brick, total five pieces. And a rip off at $4.99, but I'm a completist so I caved in. I'll try to add a photo soon.


  • $1 a piece. LEGO is crushing new barriers.
  • I think I have a photo from someone on Facebook.
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  • I guess that's ok if you just want the figure but you could buy one of the smallest sets and get the figure for $5.99
  • Is it Lego, or TRU? Perhaps Lego has a "list price" on that of $2.99 or something reasonable?
  • Based on the Wreath poly, I would guess an MSRP between $3.49 and $3.99...
  • Unless I'm blind, I can't see a set number on that bag, does anyone know what it is as I don't think this set is in the database.
  • Saw this at my TRU Wednesday, I should start posting news like this when I first see it. I was wondering what extra piece was in there to total 5 pieces since it doesn't show a 2 x 2 brick on the package anywhere.
  • I grabbed 2 30105 poly bags at Target tonight. Cool looking little set.
  • HuwHuw
    edited January 2012
    As stated in the OP, it's 5000245: someone sent me a link to a youtube that showed it. I see other sites have a usable picture now so I'll get it added.
  • @Ma1234: Just out of curiosity, what color is the 2x2 brick?
  • edited January 2012
    Here's the actual set 30105. $3.99 at Target. A much better deal than the Toys R Us set.
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  • edited January 2012
    It seems this image from BrickLink answers my earlier question...
    It looks like a Dark Azure 2x2 brick to me. Hopefully an inventory will eventually confirm my observation.
  • anyone have a traget dcpi number
  • ^ you are in luck. Amongst the 30 receipts floating around the car I found it


    Good luck finding it, it's a cute set.
  • I can't seem to find the one at Target anywhere. I am determined to find it. I am on a mission.
  • ^ did you look in the Valentine's section? That's where I found mine.

    Somewhere on this site is a link to a site where you can paste in the dpci number and see which targets have it in stock. They may not have it out but with the dpci number they can find it in the stock room.

    Good luck.
  • I have been checking the Valentines section ( and everywhere else just in case). But no luck. I did the search online and it said my local Target had limited stock, but when I went there tonight I couldn't find any. I didn't have the dpci number with me and I was in a rush. Maybe I'll go back tomorrow and see if they can find any. It isn't in any of the other Targets anywhere near me.
  • ^ I only checked two near me, it was in the first and not the second. I was assuming that they just hadn't put it out, but maybe there's a supply issue. Every time I've had a DPCI number they've been able to find the set for me, I had to do it three times for Friends sets before the Targets around here bothered to put them out on the shelves.
  • Thanks, that gives me hope. I am thinking that they haven't stocked them yet, since there is no sign of them at any Target in the area.
  • Success! I found them. I used the dcpi number and they were able to find them in the back room. Thanks Jenni for posting the number.
  • @ktmo Glad you did, no problem, glad I could find it.
  • Using the Target DCPI number above, my local Target stated the reason the Friends 30105 poly bags are not on display is simply because the computer does not specify a shelf location. Until someone updates the inventory system to tell them where to put the item, the item will be staying in the back room unless you ask.
  • Nope. I have been looking in the Valentine section for this polybag, and have yet to find it. I have found spots for it, but never the bag. When I went back this week, even the tag location was now gone. I am positive I haven't missed it, since I have been to Target plenty of times. It just has not seemed to come out by me.
  • @tamamahm did you try taking the dcpi number to customer service? Target has proven pretty slow about getting LEGO from storage room to shelf lately.
  • i took the dcpi number to a stocker and he went in the back and got them for me. also, if you go up to any of the target price scanners and hit the enter button i believe it was, you can punch in the dcpi number and it'll tell you if it's in the store or not.
  • Huh. I will have to give that a whirl. Thanks!
  • Definately use the DCPI number. Apparently someone has gone to every Target in the Denver area and bought them all with the exception of 1 location. Using the DCPI number The Target employee was able to tell me the only location that had any left at all.
  • @tamamahm - if you can't find them, PM me and i can send you a couple.
  • If you're in the Keller/Fort Worth area, the Target in North Richlad Hills has some. When I went, they had to go to the back and get some, but the woman said they were going to try to find a spot in the store for them. I know that the Target in Hurst has some as well, but they're probably in the back too. Good luck in finding them!
  • Thanks!! I figured out how to enter the number online, and found a lone Target that had them. Everywhere else was sold out.
  • I went to a different Target today and they hadn't bothered to put them out yet, I got them to pull them from the back. It's only been how many weeks since they were supposed to be out? I've also been in one recently where they had overflowed to fill two other sections. I don't know how they're selling out other places.
  • @Jenni It is complete and utter conjecture on my part, but I have been wondering if this is not a matter of selling out, but a matter of never getting stock in.

    The three Targets by me state they are out of stock. The one Target by me, I'm always running over there every 2-3 days or so for something. I was always checking for these to come in, and I never saw them. I also checked the two other Targets by me, and never saw them either. I do not believe they were put out one day I was not there, and they all utterly disappeared within 2-3 days.

    My Target by me also just got in the series 6 sets. They did not have them at all until sometime in the last 3 days. It seems these have been far more difficult to find than series 5 was as well.

    My speculation is that at least over here, it isn't that they sold out that fast, but that maybe there was some sort of hold-up with these and getting some of the series 6 sets out.

    This is utterly speculative, though. *shrug*

  • @tamamahm and you could go mad trying to figure it all out :). Yeah, I've seen series 6 in only 1 Target so far and that was a while ago. I don't have a local Target so end up in the one near my daughter's school sometimes, or the one near where I volunteer, or some of the others if I'm nearby so I couldn't tell you which ones have what if my life depended on it. However I'm pretty sure that the Target I was at today will have most of the 48 remaining from opening the box when I go back tomorrow :).

    Glad you found them though, it's a really cute set.
  • edited February 2012
    @jenni - They have loads of them at the Target in Smyrna. I picked up a couple for my daughter...and left the rest for you. :-) They're back in the Valentine's section. No Series 6 that I saw though...
  • @Farmer_John For some reason I was in Smyrna last week and got collect_that and Savage_Steel's there. I went back to Brentwood today and they had just taken the box back to the storeroom on Monday. I explained very carefully to the guy who brought them out again to me this morning that you really need to put them on the shelves in order to sell them. Though I guess I wasn't bearing that out :).

    Smyrna's way out for me, Brentwood is near(ish) my daughter's school, Antioch is near church and Nashville West is near where I volunteer, I mainly bounce around those. I can't remember which one had series 6, I just know I saw it somewhere, maybe Antioch? It was one with the toy section on the back wall. I bet they all have them, but only one store has managed to get them on the shelves.

    Series 5 is $1.50 at the Skyline Walmart if you want to make the trek, they have 3 boxes.
  • edited February 2012
    They also have a ton of Series 5 in the two WMs in Murfreesboro...just sitting there for weeks now at full price. I expect those should drop to 50% in the near future, but I've been saying that since they prominently set them out in December. At $1.50, I might bite as gifts for the kids though.

    I've only been to the WMs in the Brentwood area a couple times. My wife has family over there, but I seldom shop while we are visiting them.
  • I got a Friends promo for free when I bought two other sets today. I'm not up to date with all the promos, so is this a new or old one?
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  • I got a Friends promo for free when I bought two other sets today. I'm not up to date with all the promos, so is this a new or old one?
    Haven't heard of/ seen that one before. Are you in the US?

  • Haven't heard of/ seen that one before. Are you in the US?
    Far from it, actually. I'm swedish :) Got it at a local toy store over here.

  • ^ that's not in the database, is there a set number on the polybag anywhere?
  • @atkinsar - No, there isn't. There is an item number on the back of the polybag, but no set number.
  • Nice set @duchessa - you do get some unique things over there!
    Has anyone else sent for the Argos promo friends stuff? 4 over £10 purchases gets you enough stickers to send for a friends satchel or beaker and pouch. Hoping they come in time for my niece's birthday.
  • ^^ Can you let us know the item number then we'll add it to the database using that.

  • edited February 2012
    @Huw, I'll check the item number when I get home from work. I can also take a few better pics and send them to you.

    Several members sent me a PM about this one. I don't know if it's possible to get hold of additional copies, but I'll give it a try this weekend. It seems like it's part of the release package for the Friends theme here in Sweden. The release is scheduled for Feb. 25'th, so it's possible that they made a mistake by giving this to me two weeks early....
  • @savage_steel: I've got 2 of the BFF stickers and debating whether to get 2 more sets from Argos to get the 2 more I need for the Friends bag :)
  • The Item number is 4659602, for those interested :) I'll send Huw pics of the set later tonight, so it can be added to the database.
  • Received, thanks, will add tomorrow. Have been out for a Chinese tonight:-)
  • ^ I didn't dare to ask... :)
  • Going out for 'A chinese' or 'An indian' means food in the UK :-)
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