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Quick question about Peeron inventory system

edited January 2012 in Collecting
So I started poking around on there because I would like to try bricklinking or pick a bricking the Green Grocer and Cafe Corner slowly over the next year. Is there a way to learn which sets will provide me with a large number of pieces for these two modulars? For example, if I wanted to know if any of the architectural sets would give us a bunch of crimson/dark red parts. Am I on the right inventory site?

It looks like we already have half the pieces we need for Cafe Corner.

Thanks in advance.


  • Thanks you much.
  • Plans are afoot to interface with rebrickable from Brickset. I haven't got round to doing it yet but it's on the to-do list.

    You'll be able to send your set list to Rebrickable and on set details pages at Brickset get information such as 'you have 63% of the parts needed to make this set in your collection'
  • Amazing site! Liked the interface and the pure dedication behind.
    @Huw, cannot wait to see new updates :)
  • Thanks for the link LFT, never been there before but it's fantastic!
  • I does seem great. I was wondering about something though. Does it just tell you the top 5 sets or so that will net the most parts towards a build? Seems like with GG and CC it only lists the other modulars but those can't be the only ones.

    I apologize if this has already been discussed in another thread but is it best to try pick a brick for as many parts as you can and then follow up with bricklist to avoid shipping costs (except the unavoidable rarer parts.)
  • @intromission - The main Build feature of Rebrickable will consider the sets + any loose parts you have and show you what parts you are missing from a set/moc. It also suggests the top 5 sets you can get that will help towards getting all the missing parts, and a Bricklink XML wanted list export to simplify purchasing the parts you need. I have plans to add a lot more flexibility around it, so am happy to hear any suggestions you have for improvements!
  • ^ Nice site. Looking forward to the integration of Brickset with Rebrickable.
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