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Gizmocom: New UK member: To the forums anyway!

edited March 2012 in Introduce yourself
Hi All,

Long time lurker here, but hopefully will be posting as frequently as I can in the future!

Some people may already know me as I have been a Brickish Association (UK AFOL group) member for about 9 years and been to quite a lot of shows and gatherings in that time.

I would definitely class myself as a collector and not a builder, although I do manage to build a few things a year for myself and public displays.

My collecting is very general (anything and everything!) but I am particularly interested in the more obscure things like Promos, Polybags, Books/catalogs, pre-plastic wooden toys, error/marbled parts, Bayer Bricks, 'Tat' and Modulex. I can't resist anything that is limited numbers either.

I do have a lot of 'normal' sets, not sure exactly how many, but it is at least 2,000. I keep them in their boxes/bags and don't split them into my parts for building with ... that is separate! I plan to inventory my entire collection this year and log them on this site (done Star Wars only so far and a few others I remembered). I have sets from a wide range of themes, but Star Wars is my personal favourite and I have nearly all the sets and promos etc (currently showing as 93% complete), just mainly missing the co-packs, 3-in-1s and some of the harder to find toy fair/comic con stuff.

For work I get to 'play' with LEGO too, for the moment I am currently running my Bricklink store full-time.

Thanks for reading!


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