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Display Stands for Ships and Flying Minifigures?

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Just wondering if anybody has a good source for the Acrylic Clear Stands seen at tradeshows etc. OR something along the lines of the stands included with the UCS star wars ships?

I've built a few custom stands out of my brothers old Lego stash and they've worked out quite well so far, but have had no luck finding the 'black rounded columns' I've found within their stash (imaged below)

The way I'm leaning now is just to go the Pick A Brick route, order a bunch of black technic pieces and plates and make a go of them myself. But I would LOVE to find some of the acrylic stands like the one featured in Battle of Endor for the flying Ewok.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


  • Tried to attach a photo of my custom stand but it wouldn't attach from this work computer. I'll try to upload it later.
  • If you are simply looking for the acrylic stands that the ewok and STAP speeders "stand" upon....

  • That's a good start to get Superman and Jetpack Batman in the air. Many thanks.

    The image below that I finally got to attach is what I would eventually like to build for all of my ships. The 2x2x10 (?) columns are the parts I am having a hard time finding. They work perfectly for stands.
  • image
    640 x 480 - 97K
  • No problem. You will also most likely want...
    To help stand it up, the piece I showed you before can't stand itself up alone.

    Here is the piece you seem to be having trouble finding:
    You can stack a bunch of these...

    Note all the pieces are trans-clear, which helps with the display to make the ship look more in "flight", rather than having visible black stands.

  • Thanks again Sam. Appreciate it.

    I actually found the pillars I was looking for (2x2x11 pillar in black found under 'support'). I ordered 30 of them today from bricklink so I should be good for the next little while. I will have to pick up some plates and hinges somewhere soon as well though.

    I like the black stands for the ships so I'm going to stick with that for now, but I do like the trans-clear stuff for the minifigures that would look good in flight. I'll have to order those soon. Cheers.

  • I modified this stand for my Slave 1s and it also looks great for other models.
  • That's what I'm looking for right there. Very nicely done littletoki!

    Once I get a little more familiar with how Lego produces the UCS stands I'm sure mine will evolve as well. Would love to see a photo with Slave 1 on your stand.
  • On the stand.

    Slave 1 on display
  • Hi @littletoki I love your Slave 1 stand, would you happen to have a parts inventory for it that you would be willing to share, please?
  • @littletoki Looks great! Thanks.
  • Nice stand! please share details - thanks : )
  • Will do so tonight! It's very similar to the flickr link that I posted above - that's what I used as my model.

    There were some modifications so I could use the bricks I had on hand and also because I didn't know what the heck was going on in some areas. I also extended the base and made it a bit longer which seemed to help with the stability.
  • You're such an inspiration @littletoki. Spent the night making a Slave-1 stand like yours. Wanted to give it an 'in flight' appearance so went with a double layer of technic beams.
    Slave-1 Stand.JPG
    1224 x 1632 - 1M
  • Nice version, @Brickdancer! Sorry for taking a while to post this. For @Anselthecat @Savage_Steel @Deadareus

    Full write up here:

    Slave 1 Stand: Parts

    Slave 1 Stand

  • @ Brickdancer & Littletoki Both stands look GREAT! Thanks for sharing.

    I'm currently waiting on a pick a brick order to arrive for more stand making. Although, as of right now I have no sets that require one. Slave 1 is looking like the next obvious acquisition.
  • Not sure if you already know this or not, but you can download PDF instructions for many kits at, including a number of (if not all of) the UCS Star Wars sets. Pick which black stand you like best, and you can literally copy it precisely as Lego designed it, once you acquire the relevant pieces obviously.

    I have 3 UCS sets, all of which have these black stands: the SSD, Darth Vader's TIE, and the Imperial Shuttle. All the stands are a little different and some are taller than others, but they all look nice and really help to display these creations properly.

    I recently built the new X-wing (non UCS) and it is amazing how much it needs a black stand of its own, which the kit does not come with. So I will be whipping up my own for that shortly

    Hope some of this helps you!

  • Nice version, @Brickdancer! Sorry for taking a while to post this. For @Anselthecat @Savage_Steel @Deadareus

    Full write up here:

    Slave 1 Stand: Parts

    Slave 1 Stand

    Your stand is nice looking. It's very similar to what Lego designed for Darth Vader's TIE fighter.
  • Nice work on the stands. But no label that goes with the stand?! J/k.

  • Nice! I even had all the parts, well except for the Slave 1! I'm going to try to modify it to hold the AC Mothership.
  • edited April 2012
    You're right ringleheim, I started by looking at the base design on the IS and sizing it down. The hard part was making it tilt to hold the Slave-1 upright. If you want to go full 90 degrees straight up, then a proper attachment will be needed to keep the ship attached to the stand since its quite heavy. Also consider using the trans-clear technic beams from Anakin's Podracer set to make the floating effect even more real.
  • edited April 2012
    Also consider using the trans-clear technic beams from Anakin's Podracer set to make the floating effect even more real.
    I'm really digging the look of all the black stands to be honest. But yes, I imagine the trans-clear stands would look pretty cool as well.

    Here are the latest two I made. Had to make do with what bricks I had which were very few when it came time to build the copter stand. Sorry for the crappy cell phone pic.

    640 x 480 - 103K
  • ^Good job with the tilt @Deadareus. Almost looks like the box cover. I can imagine the bases as the top of roof pieces on a building, perhaps a Gotham MOC.
  • edited April 2012
    Here is my attempt at the stand that I did last week, I am still awaiting a few black pieces to arrive and so I had to substitute for the time being. Thank you very much to @littletoki for the inspiration. I will have a look at your write up later and see if I can make any improvements to mine. I will post a proper photo with Slave 1 in situ once I have the rest of the correct pieces.


    For a few other sets I use these, minimalist and fairly cheap from bricklink (LEGO part 2861):

  • image

    My stand complete with black pieces, finally. Kitty is very proud!
  • Love it, much better in all black. Goes to show that the Slave-1 looks best in vertical position.
  • That looks fantastic @anselthecat - I also really liked the minimalist stand you had as well.

    Now, to create a stand that shows off the B-Wing properly. Hmmm.
  • Looks FANTASTIC!

    I just purchased my Slave 1 and i'm also waiting for a PAB order to come in. Can't wait to attempt a stand like this for this ship.
  • I quickly built 4 stands for various flying ships after seeing this thread. Great idea and great use of extra parts! Id post pics if i could find a camera.
  • edited April 2012
    ^On top of looking good, I think the Slave 1 is a great build and comes with awesome figs like Carbonite Han Solo. I enjoyed it much more than the UCS Obi Wan Fighter. I'm sure you'll have a fun time building it and your custom stand.
  • I also have the x-wing on it's way as well. I need more room to display these thing in my sons room. That or I have to finish the basement and get started on the cave. Soon...Soon.
  • Thanks brickdancer, I'm looking forward to it.

    I actually purchased 8097 without figs for $39 off I looked at the figs and realized I will be getting all of the figs minus Boskk this summer with the Desert Skiff and Jabba's Palace so i took the plunge.

    I also expect to snag Boskk this christmas when SSD magically appears under the tree.
  • Looks nice. I have a few built with spare bricks I had that I'll snap picks of later. Once I get some cash I'l going to get a ton of black bricks to make stands for a lot of ships.
  • We got my son the AC Mothership for his un-birthday. Since that set has such a huge footprint we had to have a stand to save space for all the other sets on the coffee table. I referenced the ideas in this thread to create one that is about 9" tall and holds the ship with a slight tilt. It looks great.
    Now my other son wants a stand for his new Rattlecopter.
    Thanks to all for the ideas and inspiration.
  • @dsdg88, we all need to see a picture or two now! :)
  • I recently built the new X-wing (non UCS) and it is amazing how much it needs a black stand of its own, which the kit does not come with. So I will be whipping up my own for that shortly
    @ringleheim, I'd be very interested to see what you come up with for this. I started another thread showing my (crude) effort, and asking if anyone would be interested in building a 'proper' stand for me as I don't have a library of parts to experiment with.

    If you'd be interested, I'd offer you the same/similar 'deal' if you'd build a duplicate? Please PM me if this might be something you'd be interested in.
  • edited April 2012
    I have been hanging my planes and starships on my ceiling with the following parts...

    - Black Tile, Round 2 x 2 - Thin Lifting Ring
    - Some Clear 10lb test fishing line
    - Screw hook

    My heaviest set that I've done this with is the Slave I and it has been hanging for 2 months without a problem. I'm pretty confident the test line and hook are safe, but the 4 stud connection of the model and lift ring has some pretty good clutch. I've disconnected the model from the tile several times for handling.

    I do this because all my surface space is for land vehicles or anything that is too large to fly.

    I started off with the SW Planet sets and now my air space is pretty busy...
  • ^ Would love to see some pics of these hanging sometime vwong19.
  • edited April 2012
    @Deadareus - When I get home from work, I'll snap some up and post here.

    As a result of my increasing use of air space, I had to remove a ceiling fan... no big loss.
  • Awesome man. Thanks for sharing. Eventually when we make our way to the basement we may have to use a system similar to this. Wall space is precious and most of that space will be used for posters.
  • I would love to display my flying vehiclesbut seeing as how I have already had one hip surgery, another one scheduled June 18 & my husband stationed on opposite coast as me, I don't think that will happen anytime soon lol. So I just have tons of shelves in my studio apartment :)
    My Lego Collection -
  • Finally got my hands on Slave 1.

    Built a stand immediately for display. I am a big fan of the 'banking' look so I tried to get that feel with this stand (as I do with most of the stands I've built). It turned out pretty rad. I love it! Now to see how it holds up over time. So far it's been two days without any incident.

    I'd also like to be able to 'bank' Obi - Wan's Starfighter as well. That'll take some enginieering though.

  • ^Great job! Now if we can only get a UCS plaque for Slave 1.
  • If only we could get a UCS Slave 1!!
  • Thanks Brickdancer.

    Built a couple of smaller stands recently and finally found a suitable way to put Flying minifigures in the air. Bricklink order placed shortly thereafter.





  • That worked great on Ironman and dynamic looking! Those trans-clear rods from the Pod Racer set sure came in handy and look pretty stable with a radar dish as base.
  • ^ They sure did. I ordered as many of them from one seller as I could on bricklink and some larger dishes for a more stable base. I'm looking forward to getting Superman, Thor and the rest of the flying heroes in the air.

    Now I just have to find more room to display all these sets. Groan.
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