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LEGO Greeting cards

The last few weeks I have gone a bit crazy buying greeting cards - some at WHSmiths to get their reduced giftcards (to spend on Lego, of course), but lately at M&S because I've discovered they sell cards with Lego scenes (shown below, along with some Lego wrapping paper). I think they're fab, if a bit random - and there don't seem to be any "girly" ones :(

Anyone know if there are any more "to collect"? @legirl mentioned there was a 50th birthday one, which I haven't seen anywhere yet. Or is collecting Lego greeting cards taking the obsession a step too far?? (I think @collect_that will be my benchmark here)

Also, I'd love to see any cards other have made using Lego. I did make a rather rudimentary and rushed Lego Christmas card in 2011, but am hoping to improve on that this year. If I get my arse in gear this weekend I might even make some Easter cards!! :)
Lucy 1.JPG
1552 x 2592 - 263K
Lucy 2.jpg
1552 x 2592 - 506K
Lucy 3.jpg
1552 x 2592 - 687K
Lucy 4.jpg
2592 x 1552 - 646K
Lucy 5.jpg
1552 x 2592 - 729K
Lucy 6.jpg
2592 x 1552 - 602K


  • I made this for my girlfriend on Valentines Day last year (she's a Harry Potter fanatic, she actually gave me the bug). This is a 'generic' version, the text on hers was personalised.

    Lego Valentine
  • edited March 2012
    I got this one from M&S about 18 months ago for my son's birthday.image
    1536 x 2048 - 621K
  • That's a lovely card @steve_j_om. Is that table confetti underneath?

    ^ If anyone happens to find the space card in their local m&s I would love one please!
  • these make me smile a lot! A friend got me some lego christmas cards from primark, which I promptly lost somewhere :( they were pretty basic, but the thought was there! I never saw them in store though.
  • It's kind of funny to think about the occasions that would present an opportunity to use it, but the Great Escape scene is awesome :P
  • The 50th birthday one was very similar to the 40th one, gonna hit M&S after work tomorrow!
  • The M&S ones do seem pretty random, both in their builds and the figs/parts they use. You'd imagine it would all be new figs and parts, but seems to be someone's random collection of parts! Probably not something other than the AFOLs would notice though.

    Saw these ones recently.

    1552 x 2592 - 709K
    1552 x 2592 - 712K
  • It's kind of funny to think about the occasions that would present an opportunity to use it, but the Great Escape scene is awesome :P
    Top of the list has to be a divorce from a non-AFOL.
  • edited March 2012
    I think I might have to start collecting these too!
    Must take a pic of the one nick sent me for my birthday. he pinched the pic from the internet though (and tarted it up)
    Though the digital one @lostintranslation was my fave :)
  • Thanks @LostInTranslation! That is indeed confetti, the card shops were doing heart-shaped confetti for Valentines. It was a messy set-up! If you're interested I'd have no problem sending you the original shot!
  • Oh @andhe, if you see the Top fun one again would you mind picking me one up please?
    I found the 50th one this morning in GX as it happens:image
    1552 x 2592 - 503K
  • @lostintranslation sure, I'll try pop in next week. It's near my work.
  • @LostInTranslation went to 3 M&S, 2 WHSmiths and 2 card shops lunchtime on a little hunt to fuel your new collection, but nothing in any of them. Got me out of the office for a bit though. :)
  • More Lego cards, sorry for the poor photos but was on lunch break:
    478 x 640 - 87K
    478 x 640 - 97K
    478 x 640 - 80K
    478 x 640 - 105K
    478 x 640 - 77K
    478 x 640 - 84K
    478 x 640 - 93K
    478 x 640 - 84K
    478 x 640 - 87K
    478 x 640 - 83K
    478 x 640 - 94K
    478 x 640 - 83K
  • Those are very very cool, thanks Prince.
    But WHY can't they do any Lego cards for girls ??
    I guess not all of them mention a male relation but still... I know I'd appreciate a Lego Star Wars birthday card with 'Sister' or 'Daughter' on!
    Sadly I'm too old to get the 21 one :(

    And does anyone else think that Princess Leia looks far too saucy in pic 4? "Hello boys!"
  • ^ There is a possibility that I was just looking at the boys cards, they 'may' have had more in the girls aisle (doubt it, but you never know!).
    Can't possibly comment on the Princess :)
    My favorites are the 5th and the last one.
  • ^^ @Lost, that surprises me, I thought you still had a few years to go before hitting that milestone!
  • @princedraven - which shop were these cards in please?
  • ^ WHSmiths in Stratford.
    There are some in WHSmiths in Chelmsford too, but not as large a selection.
  • I got the DV card (last pic) the other day to get the £5/15 giftcard for minifigs buying. very cute!
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