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Marvel Spiderman Set

edited March 2012 in Collecting

Another site is reporting that the Marvel Lego comics show the minifigs from the spiderman doc Oct set will include Iron Fist!


  • ^ Nice, loving Spidey on the web.
  • Iron Fist! Wow that's random (though a film has been in the rumblings for ages. Perhaps this is an attempt to raise brand awareness?...). Nice find!
  • Great image here as well. All seem to be in the comic you get with the Marvel Sets.


    From eurobricks
    600 x 800 - 211K
  • Oh wow, great find @andhe, thanks for sharing. My son would love this.
  • Spidey Sense tingling!
    Can't wait to get this set. It is so awesome that LEGO acquired the lenses to do these lines.
  • Oh wow, great find @andhe, thanks for sharing. My son would love this.
  • I hope this wave is the tip of the iceberg on Super Heroes. The Marvel Universe is so rich and colorful. Vehicles for the sets may be a challenge.... I am also excited about the series premier of Ultimate Spiderman, apparently the source for this material, and the season premier of Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes this Sunday.
  • Glad I have the old doc oct...
  • I still think there will be at least one "retailer exclusive" because it would be an epic fail to not release Nick Fury...
  • ^ same with green lantern on the Dc side.
  • If you have a look at twitter on the lego page, they as good as confirm that Fury will get a physical release, when that will be is another matter
  • Any word one when the spidey set is going to be released?

    I'm assuming it's not coming with this wave of avengers sets that are hitting the shelves soon.

    Hopefully we'll see something by late June.
  • ^ Probably release it closer to the Amazing Spiderman film release mid Summer
  • On twitter the Lego group tweeted August for Spiderman set
  • It seems odd that they would wait very long to release the set. It is obviously "ultimate spiderman", as the comic says. Therefore it is tied to the new cartoon series and not to the "amazing spiderman" movie coming out. The new ultimate spiderman cartoon starts in two days, Sunday April 1st. So it seems to me it would be released sooner to take advantage of the preview momentum for the show.
  • ^ That's what I would have thought... I give it 2 weeks before the set is released so that the Avenger stuff get some play time.
  • Fbtb is reporting the Spiderman set will be available April 8. That sounds more like it.
  • The same member on FBTB that claims he received the sets from TLG and that the pics were his. To be fair to FBTB they gave my flickr stream credit, unlike a few other sites. Ah the problem with making pictures public lol
  • Thanks so much for the preview and tips @S_Hollins! You made my day with the Spiderman pic.
  • Pleasure Brickdancer. vwong19 disappointed you may be but have a look at!/LEGO_Group and look for a response to a @cereal_vagabond
  • August does sound more likely, considering all the Marvel X-Men sets are hitting first week of April. Unless they treat the Spiderman set as they did with Superman/Lex Luthor.

    But yes I'm with you on Doc Ock @legos4ever. After seeing this newer one, I had to pick up a green version from Spiderman II series. This one just doesn't look right. So its been relegated to Super Hero exile along with the Orange/Purple Two Face.
  • All of the good guys shown including Iron Fist, Spiderman and Wolverine are all current Avengers.
  • August does sound more likely, considering all the Marvel X-Men sets are hitting first week of April.
    Is there more than one?
  • ^oops, singular tense on 'set'. Rest are not X-men. I can only hope for a Gambit and Cable to come one day.
  • Cable with baby Hope would be interesting in Lego form...
  • Gambit is far and away (obviously) my favorite Marvel character, but I feel like I'm not likely to see him in minifig form anytime soon based on the trenchcoat alone, but I'll keep my fingers crossed. I think Archangel would be awesome as well, but I have no idea what that minifig would look like, either.

    Regardless, as long as I get a robust supply of X-Men minifigs, I'll be perfectly content. I'll more than likely pick up the Spidey stuff, too.
  • I admit I've been away from comics for a while but Iron Fist, Spidey and Wolverine joined the Avengers?!?!
  • Spidey and wolverine have been in and out of the avengers roster for a while going back to the civil war story (2005 i think, maybe 2006) following the break up of the previous roster, I haven't read the latest story but I think the roster has just changed again.
  • Yes, they are still current Avengers. There are several teams now... Spidey, Wolverine and Iron Fist are with Luke Cage living in the Avengers mansion. Even Daredevil and Storm are in there now.
  • I hope this is real, I remember back in 2004, when I used to love lego spiderman! sadly when I moved from house, I lost the figure... im also looking foward to Iron Man, Captain America, and Green Latern! would be a great addition to my collection!
  • The Doc Oc is'nt quite right for me. I'll probably stick with my green one.
  • edited May 2012
    If you haven't already seen it here is the link:

    Personally, I've been looking forward to this set for a while now. I am an old Spider-man fan, and I couldn't wait to see what the new set would look like (especially since my second favorite Spidey villian was included). When Huw revealed the set, I was very pleased. Granted, I am not very fond of Doc Ock's design, I will no doubt buy the set as soon as I can. I want to ask you all, how do you feel about the set? Does it look like a great buy, or is it a step down from the amazing Spider-man sets we all got years ago? How much do you estimate it will cost? 40? 50? I'd like to know.
  • Day one purchase for me. I love Super Heroes and Spider-man. I really do hope its 29.99 tbh, though I am not one to do cost calculation.
  • Looks like 40 pounds when compared to the AUS dollar price .. hope it is less but there seem to be a fair few parts there too. 30 would be a nicer price. Looks nice. :)
  • I'm putting it in the $40-50 USD range. It looks about the size of the Fun House set, but no bigger than the Two Face Chase.

    I'm also not a huge fan of the new Doc Ock design either, I'll still be grabbing this set.
  • If you haven't already seen it here is the link:
    Links bust!


    Or is it just me?
  • Link not working for me either :(
  • ^Yeah looks like the link has been taken down. But the picture/news story is still on the brickset frontpage. Until TLG ask for it to be removed etc.

    It looks quite dark for a Spider-man set. Maybe that's an 'Ultimates' thing. But feel I would have prefered a street scene battle, or tube train etc to another lab.
  • I don't think this spiderman looks as good as the old, but it is nice to have some variety. I definitely will be looking for a sand green doc ock on brick link though
  • The Brickset effect strikes again...
  • edited July 2012
    After checking the Home page update, found a couple more from Smashing Bricks site. In case this has been shown already, Mod's feel free to delete.
  • Can't say I'm really a fan of the new Doc Ock. There's just something about him that doesn't sit well with me.
  • ^ Why does Harry Potter have those four things coming out of his back? Evil spell?
  • ^ Why does Harry Potter have those four things coming out of his back? Evil spell?
    I knew I recognized him. Avada Kedavra curse apparently gone wrong. Voldemort, you've done it again.
  • That's what Doc Ock looks like in the "Ultimate Spider-Man" animated series (which this set appears to be based on). In the series, Spidey works (and goes to school) with a bunch of other young super heroes including Iron Fist.
  • I quite like the figs, but boy does that set look like the Hulk's Helicarrier Breakout...
  • ^^ I refuse to accept a high school reboot of my classic superheroes! ;o) Luckily, Iron Fist and Spidey look perfectly normal for my timelines.
  • I'm very excited to see a new Spiderman set as I was a big fan of the original line. with that being said, I think the Doc Ock figure is very disappointing. I understand he is based off of the animated series but I much prefer the original Doc Ock.
  • Is this set available to buy yet? It seems like an ideal time to release it, with The Amazing Spider-Man out in cinemas at the moment.
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