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CMF Series 8

edited May 2012 in Collecting
I did not see a topic like this on the forum yet.. so I decided to start one.. if you believe this topic already exists, please let me know.

I have been dying to know what CMF Series 8 will bring. The ominous black box is haunting my dreams.. I think speculating about them will subdue these haunts for the time being.. I have a few ideas listed below of hopes/dreams/speculations.. some of which I stole from other posters/sites..

1. Golfer (with bag, three clubs, and teed up gold ball)
2. Mountain Climber (with backpack, spikey shoes, and harness)
3. Female skiier (same as male skiier from Series 2)
4. Old fashioned diver (with big round helmet and a spear)
5. Yetti (done pretty much the same as other animal characters)
6. Boy scout or girl scout (I think girl scout would be cute with cookies or something)
7. Santa (with an actual fat body.. nothing like what we've been given before..)
8. Horse jockey (with whip and short legs)
9. American Football player (with shoulder pads, football, and helmet)
10. Greek philosopher (with scroll and wearing a toga)
11. Roller Derby Girl (with roller skates)
12. Female Zombie (with an additional MF arm to hold as if being eaten - that would be hilarious)
13. Male lifeguard (same as female from series 8)
14. Marching band drummer (with snare or bass drum that is worn around the neck, two drum sticks or beaters)
15. Judge (with gavel and sweet curly wig)
16. Steve Jobs (never going to happen - I know - but complete with iPad or any i-device)

Well there you have my picks.. feel free to post your ideas/speculations below.. and feel free to steal some of mine if you like them (as I've said - a lot of them are stolen from other places)


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