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LEGO Olympic Minifigures: Team GB

Okay so I dont know if this will get us in trouble and if it does then take it down. But was in the local toy store and was chatting with the manager. Who had gotten an email from lego which anounced that lego is releasing a series of 6 mini figures to tie in with the olympics in a team GB theme. They include a judo team member, swimer, archer, and runner and two more I forget. I think these are UK exclusives. But they look awesome. So wondered what people think about them. Feel free to remove if its not something to talk about.


  • Ooh that sounds cool. That's what I was hoping for from the Stratford store opening. Thanks for the info!
  • Sounds good, but apologies if I sound sceptical... Why would lego do this and how would they release them? I could imagine a 'sports pack' but just team gb?

    Granted we've seen plenty of sports themed CMFs and the new medal part would work a treat but would kids be interested?

    To quote the old internet saying... "Pictures, or it didn't happen".
  • There is definatly some Olympic Minifigs coming seen them on our systems as well sadly no pics though :(
  • Have to say this is by no means the first time I have heard about this being a possibility, and am therefore more than happy to believe this, and am looking forward to them.
  • The owner of my local toy store was complaining that Lego had rushed the release of S7 CMFs (to big stores but not independents) because they wanted to make room in the releas schedule for Olympics figures.
  • @andhe no probs. They are releasing them in the same bags as the collectable mini figures. I can ask for the email and send it over but i dont wanna post them here because of the policy brickset have. @Huw will get angry turn green and beat me :-).

    They do look really cool i must admit and I get the feeling they are a UK exclusive.
  • Sounds entirely plausible, and there seem to be a number of corroborating accounts - excellent !
  • great news (albeit a rumour)
    hopefully theyll make a decent bike while they're there!
  • If this is true I'm gonna have to make a UK buddy to pick one up and send it over seas to me :)
  • I hope one of them is a Team GB footballer.
  • excellent, i also heard this rumour from a toy store manager recently but saw no pics, so i'm excited to hear further rumouring! It makes sense for it to be a UK exclusive, especially with the Stratford store being positioned at the heart of the Games, so that foreign visitors actually buy something here. I can't see many visitors taking a Super Star Destroyer back in their luggage.
  • GB is hosting so to me it doesn't seem odd that only their stores and teams would have a set. Other stores have had exclusives so it would not be out of line.
  • How come they did not release a set for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics? It would of have been so cool if there was a Canadian exclusive minifigure set. I was literally 15 mins away from one of the venues.
  • Great idea...great for Lego and the UK. Love to see how these turn out!
  • Maybe I was overly sceptical...
  • nice!
    If one in the UK could pick one or two for me, would be very happy :)
  • May explain why the UK got them so much earlier the the US. Sounds like a good way to potentially pick up the new compound bow part as well.
  • edited April 2012
    These would actually make really good souvenirs for tourists traveling to the Olympics.
  • I'm interested in a set or 2 as well if someone in the UK ends up taking orders =)
  • Might as well add myself to the list of people who wants a couple sets. :)
  • I really hope there's a track cyclist in the pack.

    For you US folks (and @Supersympa :), I'm not going to take orders on these but I will do my best of British to get spares - sharing is in the Olympic spirit after all!
    I'm interested to find out what the availability will be. If they're in the JL system as @StevenAshby says then that seems to indicate they'll be widely available rather than just limited to Lego stores. Yay!
  • I can see where the judo athlete and the archer would be cool. But most athletes at the summer games are effectively naked with very skimpy amounts of skin tight clothing on, like everyone in track and field. Not sure how well those sports would translate to a minifigure. The OP mentioned a runner and swimmer. It seems like those would be somewhat boring minifigures.

    A no-brainer cool minifigure from the summer games would be a fencer.

    I can see Lego selling these by the zillions at and around the Olympic venues in London.

    Actually, this could make for a really cool new theme rolling forward. Strike a licensing deal with the IOC and start giving us Olympic sets. I'm picturing downhill skiing or a cool bobsled run set from the winter games. That could be great!

  • I am really excited about these, what a great idea!
  • @ringhelm there are no sets sadly these are going to be like CF in bags which are blind.

    These are sheduled for a may release so things may start showing up. As lego sent an email with pics. They should show up on the internet.
  • edited April 2012
    I really hope there's a track cyclist in the pack.
    Or maybe a road cyclist, then they can reuse the new bike mould for tour de france etc. These guys look ridiculous racing on 'sit up and beg' bikes! :)

    Also 'cos the road cycling race goes past my front door :)

  • ^ wow, front row seat without having to bid on tickets!
  • Ooo - exciting! I'll do my best to get some for the Americans. You guys best start hoarding polybags for us ;-)
  • edited April 2012
    ^Thats what i was thinking time to get some brickmaster sets :-).

    @Si_Dorking_Surrey_UK snap it does mine. Should hand them out as people go past. I dont remember their being a cyclist. But he is sending me the email so I should have itby tonight if anyone wants to see it.
  • I should have it by tonight if anyone wants to see it.
    No thanks, no interest here whatsoever :P
  • @ringhelm series 6 already has a swimmer, it's all about the accessories you add (like the medal... Though producing a gb fig with a gold medal might seem a bit presumptuous).

    A runner could always be holding a relay baton. As mentioned surely a fenced with the s4 foil is an obvious one.

    John Lewis has tonnes of Olympic tat, I mean merchandise, so wouldn't be surprised if they turned up there as well as lego brand stores.

    What about the Paralympics? A wheelchair mould would sell loads.
  • ^^ @Redbullgivesuwind
    Can I suggest you be a tad careful with the email, don't get me wrong I would also like to see details, but you don't want to get the chap in trouble for being helpful and friendly. Just saying.
  • If the pics aren't 'confidential' and aren't watermarked as such, I see no reason why they can't be extracted from the email and published online. They could have come from anywhere, not just that particular email.
  • edited April 2012
    ^ Yeah, but forwarding the email... potential risk there to me.
  • edited April 2012
    ^^^^ Yes, wheelchair would be awesome. A mould would not be that unlikely, as they could reuse for a Professor X minifig in a future Marvel set.
  • @princedraven point taken. I would have removed the name anyway so cant go back to him.

    @flumps6523 these arent water marked or anything so I do think they will show up eventually.

    @Lostintranslation lol Im just one big inuendo machine at times. Ill end up on scot mills inuendo bingo soon!
  • edited April 2012
    ^ I was just being sarcastic, don't know what you thought I meant!!
  • A quick google was fruitless, apart from this...

    Seems a similar idea, but look below at the collectable figures, and it makes you start to wonder who is copying who?! (Lady Liberty, Royal Guard, bride, flamenco...)
  • @Lostintranslation doh! now I seem dirty minded lol :-D

    @andhe playmobil really do copy but im thinking lego dont mind. Wasnt there talk of of lego and play mobile merging at one point.
  • ^ If the cap fits... :D

    So the question now becomes, which out of Si and Redbull is going to have us all over for a barbecue while we watch the cyclists go by? :)
  • These sound really good, a great idea. I'm also happy to try and get a few for Brickset members in need.
  • ^^ha ha thanks.

    ^I think so as well these will sell like hotcakes
  • edited April 2012
    snap it does mine
    You confused me for a minute there, as I thought I knew the route, so I checked and I dont think it does mate ..
    .. it comes through woking, then through west clandon, down to Shere and onto the road to Dorking, doesnt go through your neck of the woods at all - you're South and West of the route by about 10 miles or so I think.
  • I'd heard rumours about these, but nothing on the forum so I thought that meant they were false :-) I'll also try and get them for international folks, Shoot me an email if you're interested so I'll know how many to get. Not long now if they're a May release.
  • @Si_Dorking_Surrey_UK Bother I was told it was. Damn miss infomation. Well its to yours for the BBQ then
  • It cuts through guildford so its not that far away actually maybe thats what my friend meant
  • @Savage_Steel, I have a bag of polybag sets already waiting for you. :D
  • If these Olympic figs are scheduled for May release, maybe that's why we haven't had the May store calendar up yet for the UK. For once TLG are trying to keep a secret :)
    Also potentially why we've not seen series 8 CMF pics, if they are being pushed back to make room for the Olympic figs ?
    To me, May seems kind of early for the Olympics - they don't start til 27 July!? Though I have to say I've been fed up of the daily diet of Olympic updates on BBC London for a good few months already. Guess they've got to make their special Olympics correspondent earn his keep...
  • edited April 2012
    ^It seems TLG can keep secrets when they want to... :P (ooh conspiracy theorists assemble!)
  • @Russell844 - yay! I've still go the HE poly for you too. You're top of my list for these, if it turns out they're london only, then I'm sure someone will help you out. Still no sign of the Sun promo yet this year :(
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