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LEGO Olympic Minifigures: Team GB



  • I can wait a bit longer and get them from WHS. The cheaper price there after vouchers is worth the wait.
  • ^ oh yes, forgot all about them.... thanks
  • £5 off £15 or £8 off £15 if you do the card voucher trick is definitely worth waiting for, unless you are aiming for selling high to fools that will pay anything before the official release date.
  • I just want a full set, and the spares to pair with my other series lifeguard/swimmers/boxer/weightlifters. Cant afford much now anyway, Ive lent all my spare money to tesco.
  • Rich Selby says that WHS are going to sell at £2.49 so the vouchers may not be much good.
  • How Team GB 'should' look as minifigs... Thanks to @beet665 for the order.
    927 x 1024 - 356K
    967 x 1024 - 336K
    945 x 1024 - 508K
  • ^ Those look really cool! Great job @beet665
  • I'll try and check Cheltenham branch tomorrow.
  • Got the full set yesterday in John Lewis at 1.95 each. Couple of things ive noticed - These figures are much harder to distinguish when feeling the bags, and also the quality doesn't seem as good as usual. Particularly the white stands seem a bit off-white and the backs of some of the torsos came very scratched.
  • ^^^^ Awesome as usual @savage_steel
  • Does anyone know if JL on Oxford St has these out yet?
  • Caved and got a full set for about $55 shipped to the U.S. on ebay. Not too bad, IMO.
  • @thanks @princedraven - I'm pleased with them :) Need a better bike though! Hope beet likes them.
  • Cursing being stuck in the office right now, but I will be checking out Oxford Street tonight. Haven't seen them in Smiths as of this morning.
  • No sign of them in Southampton. Are they out with the rest of the Olympics shizz or with the lego in other branches?
  • Oh bollocks... I asked a woman round the toy section and she said they were put out yesterday but she couldn't see them. So she got a case from the stock room and said nobody would mind if I bought the case. I went to the nearest till and waited. 2 mins later the woman came rushing out and said they weren't allowed to sell them until 1st July and took them off me!

    If only I'd gone to a till on another floor I would have been able to buy them! So near yet so far...
  • @Huw: O_O You know the kiddies don't like it when you swear!! :P

    Tough luck, dude. My local Smiths are hopefully saving me a case...
  • JL in sheffield have them on sale now
  • The JL on Oxford street have not yet had them delivered, the Olympic Store manager was kind enough to check their store room for me. He just said they were expecting them ASAP.
    Went down the road to WHSmith where the staff were less than helpful and borderline polite, but again they didn't have them out, nor would they say when or if they even had them yet.
  • How Team GB 'should' look as minifigs... Thanks to @beet665 for the order.
    Savage they look amazing cant wait to get them next to the lego 1s you have done amazing job on them
  • thought id try the motherlode, but none in JL stratford despite being literally touching the edge of the olympic park.
  • @LIT Huw wasnt swearing he just cant spell 'blocks
  • You're lucky it was only b--locks, I wrote that on my phone minutes after the experience and I was well pi??ed off :)

  • Not to show my ignorance for the UK, but will these be available in Scotland as well?
  • @LegobrandonCP of course will have to be next week when I have been paid as I have just got home from holiday! Had no wifi :(
  • edited June 2012
    ^^ Well they're 'Team GB' figures and GB is technically Wales, Scotland and England (whilst the United Kingdom - and the national border - also includes Northern Ireland). So 'yes' to Scotland I'd say but whether they'll be available in NI is a more interesting question.
  • Picked up a box from JL Milton Keynes this evening (just after 5pm). No problems. £117.00 (60x£1.95 a fig)
  • Picked up a box from JL Milton Keynes this evening (just after 5pm). No problems. £117.00 (60x£1.95 a fig)
    Box distribution please! :D
  • edited June 2012
    ^^I've seen them today in JL Nottingham.
    I've been popping in on my lunch break for a week or two looking for monster fighters and these little treats just on the off chance.
    The one day I am made to work in Leicester they appear, just my luck. I bet they will all be gone by now too.

    I do have to pick up my Batman and two face set tomorrow afternoon though so fingers crossed.

  • I'm in meetings 5 mins walk from JL all next week :-)
  • ^ You have a job?? :-)
  • ^^ are the meetings with suppliers? (for Dumbledore's office)
  • ^^^^ Popped in this morning - they aren't putting them out (again) until 1 July
  • bought a box this morning. no probs.
  • Someone who's got a box, could you confirm how many of each figure are included? Cheers
  • Picked up a box from JL Milton Keynes
    this morning. Haven't opened any yet so can't say how many of each there are, trying to figure out a way of identitying without opening.
  • JL Oxford St guy said somewhat guiltily, "they won't be on shelves until July 1". Got a #9676 for £6.99 instead.
  • JL Peterborough this morning said they weren't selling these till July 1st :-(
  • Does anyone know the best place to buy a full box, preferably with a bit of a discount? I would prefer to order online.
  • bricklink on 2 July probably
  • I don't know. Normally these boxes (minifigs series) gradually come down in price after they are released, but if they really are limited, you do run the risk of prices going the other way. The only way bricklink prices for a box are going to be lower is if the seller is buying them at wholesale, which I can't see for this release.
  • bricklink on 2 July probably
    Assuming you can find the listings for them there. There are still issues on several features at Bricklink - like adding new items to the catalog. Of course you can scour the forums looking for ads from people with custom listings.
  • Just been lucky enough to pick up a box of these, box distribution is as follows:

    Brawny Boxer 6
    The Stealth Swimmer 7
    Relay Runner 7
    Judo Fighter 7
    Tactical Tennis Player 7
    Flexible Gymnast 7
    Wondrous Weightlifter 6
    Horseback Rider 6
    Agile Archer 7
  • edited June 2012
    ^ Nice! 6 complete sets.
    Do you mind me asking where you picked them up?
  • ^^ Thanks Tom!
  • S'ok, I've been watching this thread for a few days and thought it was only fair to add my contribution! I'm looking to trade/sell the additional but am new to Brickset so not sure how it works. Picked them up from John Lewis.
  • ^ Just start a topic saying you wanna trade/sell in marketplace, and put what you're after in exchange.
  • Thanks Matthew, will do.
  • I can confirm that distribution. That's what I had in my box too.
  • edited June 2012
    Thanks Tom.
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