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What's the most you've ever spent on a set?

edited May 2012 in Collecting
This is less of a "brag" thread than a place for mumbling, red-faced confession... I didn't see any other topics dedicated to precisely this question, so I figured I'd start one. Replies, for those of you who so choose to make one, are certainly welcome to be short and to the point, though I have a feeling many of you have a wonderful story to justify your purchase. With so much talk about aftermarket appreciation on the one hand, and enviable deals on the other, I'm curious as to how other folks have fared when (like me) you find yourself coming late to the game, browsing Brickset, and stumbling upon that must-have.

Okay, so after the preliminary fireworks, mine is rather lackluster, but it's simply the truth. It's also sure to change in the very near future. $85 for the Mars Mission Hypersonic Operations Aircraft, used but complete with manuals, no box. Worth every penny.


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