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Just yesterday, Huw reviewed the minfig cases sold by 'Minifig for life', and I followed the link through to their website, and was browsing through their other stuff, when I came across the engraved bricks. These look quite good, and I was considering the 'High Street' pack ( St engraved brick pack). However, I would like to know more about the quality of these first. Has anyone on the forum bought engraved bricks from here before? What sort of quality are they? Would anyone advise against it?


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    I haven't got any engraved bricks from them, but I have got a sample of one of their engraved tiles.

    I decided not to go ahead with ordering more purely due to the expense, nothing to do with the quality which was really good. I have ordered lots of other stuff from minifigforlife and have always found them to be spot on, they have good customer service too should something go wrong.

    They also appear at all the major UK shows, so if you want to save on postage fees, just email them, place an order and ask to pick up from a show (e.g. next one will be STEAM).
  • I've bought personalised ones, I'll get you a photo, Quality is decent for the price, but I get the feeling the colour would come out of the engraving if you gave it half a chance.
  • Ok, just for some reason I was wondering whether he (they?) was using real Lego bricks, or moulding them himself. I think I was wondering this because the colours seemed a little off (which could just be the lighting in the photos), especially the 'armoury' ones, which are in a colour I'm not sure I've seen before.
  • Yes, they are genuine
  • I have used minifigforlife on a number of occasions and always been totally satisfied
  • Thanks guys! It appears my fears have been unfounded...I shall have a serious look at them in a bit.
  • Andy at MfL is going to send me some samples for review, so look out for that :-)
  • Even cheaper if you supply your own bricks/tiles!
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