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So what does everyone here in the forum do for a living? (just very curious)



  • User Experience Architect for a web design agency.
  • @vortexdragon @thisismycup Maybe the correlation is not between design and Lego, but Lego and design. I think it's true for me that I became 'creative' because I had Lego as a kid.
  • @bkpr, exactly! i was trying to explain that to someone i was dating once. they just saw it as a kids toy. i use it as a creative outlet, and they couldnt wrap their head around it and thought it was odd for a grown man to b eplaying with kids toys.....needless to say i lost interest pretty quickly after that.
  • ^ I'd wager a guess that you lost interest in HER not LEGO, seeing as how you're posting this on a LEGO-related forum ;)

    I think this may be a topic in its own right, but the past few posts regarding creativity/design and LEGO could easily be a chicken/egg conundrum: Is an interest in LEGO definitive of, or resultant in, creativity? Obviously, you can't say it's 100% one or the other, but does an early-age interest in LEGO convey a predisposition towards creativity?

    I guess that all depends on how you play with it - do you just build it according to the instructions and leave it as-is, or do you build it, tear it down, rebuild it into something else, et cetera...
  • I am a seasonal firefighter and a vibration analysis technician.
    Good forum topic too by the way.

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    @redbrickmarket, you need to be more careful quoting figures like that.
    Don't worry, I pay taxes. We've already talked it over with them.
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    @Huw - I suppose you are right. However, there are some major, large BL stores who I'm sure are making some good profit. Chrome Bricks is very successful.
    I also had a chance to talk with the owner (says he owns a LEGO store in Denmark) who stated that, though the profits are small, you can turn around some sets (if purchased at high volume I'm sure for discount) and make $100 for just an hour or two of work.
    I hope I'm not stating too much. I just want to make myself clear. It's a great business. However, I'm sure you're right for the most part.
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    Right now, developing games for the iphone is taking up my free time.
    That sounds equally fun to me so... very cool!
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    @Halberd777 - Thank you for the advise. I may look into that in the near future. As I have told bahnstormer, we talked with an accountant and they have explained how that all should work, so I will be glad to pay taxes. I'm just glad I only pay 15%. (Probably that'll change later on in life :D)
  • My first post! Im a Police Officer, hope you all don't hold that against me. Im currently studying economics and accounting. I plan to have many rental property investments pay for a Lamborghini and a lifestyle without need of a job.
  • Part time construction, part time musician, full time Dad!
  • Heck! I didn't realize Lego fans were so brainy!! Makes my 'Flexographic Printer' job sound distinctly low class!!!
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    Roman historian and general cynic.
  • Roman historian and general cynic.
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    My first post! Im a Police Officer, hope you all don't hold that against me. Im currently studying economics and accounting. I plan to have many rental property investments pay for a Lamborghini and a lifestyle without need of a job.
    Hold it against you? With me, being a police officer works in your favour. I'm going to be a police officer as soon as I am done university.
  • I work in marketing for a major food manufacturer.
  • I work in banking - not one who screwed the wider economy - just a high street bank branch selling products to customers. I got back into lego after playing host to my nephew in the school holidays, and 2 years on and a collection of over 300 different sets and a HUGE amount of my salary spent on lego im loving it. In truth im part collector, part impulse buyer, but I am converting my garage to allow me to create a huge lego city.
  • I am also a geek. I am an IT manager. My team manages my company's messaging and mobility environments and services. We manage email and smartphones/tablets.
  • Computer Animator for a small firm specializing in transportation and architecture visualization.
  • Rope access supervisor and NDT technician on Various oil riggs in the north sea. 2 weeks "doing time", and playing around with ideas on LDD in the evenings. Then 2 weeks off to put the ideas into real bricks.
    Whilst it's great for funding lego projects I'm inconsolable when I'm stuck on a platform and there's a sale on.
    I also have the benefit of stacks of Daily Mirrors/Suns to take tokens from although I have to take them when no one is looking or face revealing my closet secret!
  • I'm a restaurant supervisor :P what woud i do to change my job !
  • I'm a tax accountant for one of the Big Four accounting firms.
  • Astrophysicist. Currently looking for next position.
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    I'm a tax accountant for one of the Big Four accounting firms.
    Another big 4 tax accountant here
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    @Lambringo Audit or Tax?
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    Mainly look after private wealth groups or private companies. Preparing accounts and tax returns as well as tax advice
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    Sweet! May I ask the details? (Like, what religion do you mean.) I love religions.
    (You can just email it if you want. Doesn't have to be a reply here.)
  • Former zookeeper work in supply chain management. :o)
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    My job title is 'Principal Scientist'; I'm an applied scientist looking at training-related problems, specifically how to use immersive simulation to provide better training more quickly.
  • ^^ Should've stayed put I reckon.

  • ^ This gives me more time to work on my autobiography, "When Did I Have Corn?"
  • @RedBrickMarket
    I am a pastor for the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod in the US. The LC-MS is the second largest Lutheran church body in the US (all across the US, not just Missouri). This is a Christian church. Email me any time with any questions you may have. I use Legos in as part of my instruction of our youth!
  • Okay, I'll confess. I am a management consultant.
  • Okay, I'll confess. I am a management consultant.
    aHH so there are some on here, was wondering about that! I only do it as part of my job. Havent heard a management consultant admitting to it for a while (I mean without calling it some other title ;-) ) . .. ever used Lego at work to explain any concepts etc?
    User Experience Architect for a web design agency.
    Which one, Im intrigued

  • ComputerNerds++;

    I write software for a living. Used to be Web-based/Java, but I much prefer rich client development ... currently using the .NET stack with a preference for C#.
  • Emergency Physician
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    Emergency Physician
    So do you build a lot of the emergency Lego sets?
  • Software Architect
  • I'm a university instructor, but my Lego habit is funded by my second and third jobs (consulting). I'd rather be a stay@home dad like @dimefield and others, but then where would my Lego funds come from (not to mention my mortgage)? Thankfully the university job is flexible (as are the contract consulting jobs) so I telecommute as much as possible and I get to spend lots of time at home with my "little builder."
  • I am a lineman for a private electrical contractor. here in chicago.
  • I work in Business Intelligence.
  • Marketing/Advertising in the pharma industry.
  • Camera Operator for television in Los Angeles
  • I work for Menards designing kitchens and selling appliances.
  • I am a Sheriff's Sergeant in rural California.
  • student. i think i lost. :DDD
  • Serve in the military.
  • Run my own business in repairing and selling used cars.
  • The clue is probably in the name... I'm a translator.
    I translate all kinds of documents, but mostly general commercial texts as I don't have a specialism, from Spanish, German and French to English.
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