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So what does everyone here in the forum do for a living? (just very curious)



  • Master Automotive Technician-20 years and counting

    other jobs include
    Automotive Instructor @ Nascar Technical Institute
    Luggage Thrower at Airport. I mean "Baggage Handler"
    Saute Chef
    Pizza Cook
    Dish Washer
    Jobs the Govt does not know about until now: I mowed my neighbors law when I was 10 thru 12 years old and was paid $5 each time. So thats like $75 I never claimed as income.
  • media / graphic designer for screen and print.
  • I'm a college student right now, so my recent Lego obsession didn't exactly hit at the right time. I was also in the Marines for years, and have done jobs all over the spectrum such as retail, cooking at a restaurant, delivering building supplies to construction sites, working at Disney World (would be nice to still work there since I could get some discounts at the Lego Store in Downtown Disney).

    But yeah, I'm a poor college student at the moment so the last thing I should be spending money on is Lego but alas, why fight it? haha :)
  • Airline Pilot! For a Central American based Company I fly the Embraer E-190!

  • I co run the family business with my wife, we gives me plenty of free time to work on my blog, although my spare time has been taken up of late as I am currently building a website for the business.

    Been self employed for 2 years now before that been manager of various retail and food outlets as well as serving in the Royal Navy.
  • I am a Mechanical Engineer. The company I work for specializes in Linear Synchronous Motor technology. We have material handling linear motors, aircraft elevator that uses electromagnets instead of a traditional pulley system and a fully functional Maglev train system. If you're bored and want to see some interesting videos go to
  • I work on the ramp for a large regional airline at ORD (O'Hare International Airport in Chicago for those unfamiliar with IATA city codes).
  • im a historian and part time MA student
  • I run a department testing drinking water for pesticides, herbicides, and disinfection by-products.
  • engineer by profession working as a maintenance service provider consultant for clean room climate control solutions for food, textiles and pharmaceutical companies in manila, philippines. recently retired -- full time lego city mayor.
  • I had been in food retail for 15 years, the last four working for one of the big oil giants in accounting. A little fish in a big pond.
    A single father of a 12 year old son - sometimes going to work is like a little vacation :)
    Caretaker for 24 appartments to be able to afford the rent for a place large enough for all our LEGO :-D
  • I fly attack helicopters.
  • ^Now that's a great job! A Warrior...
  • I'm a consultant .NET developer: for the past couple of years I've been developing CRM-applications at the European HQ of one of the world's biggest consumer electronics manufacturers.
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    Im middle management at Dell. Exciting huh? It funds my lego habit though. I have many cases of job envy from this thread :)
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  • Time to revive an old thread I guess. I am currently a PhD student in Applied Mathematics, with a background in Electronic and Computer Engineering. My main LEGO interests are (i) highly detailed sculptures and (ii) Technic, primarily pneumatics and mechanical assemblies (not so much of a Mindstorms fan).
  • Educator -

    And now after looking at all the postings, I understand why my colleagues look at me with weird expressions when I speak of my LEGO hobby. It seems that there are a small number of educators that indulge in LEGO. However, I teach Welding, Pre-engineering, Fabrication and Manufacturing, Physics Tech, and Architecture Design - so I may be on a different wavelength than my colleagues that teach the 'basics' or general education courses.

    I also coach soccer, wrestling, and First Robotics. I am also a certified electrician and work in construction during my 'off' months (there is no such thing for my family business anymore - we are always busy).

    My 'family' time is typically working and playing with LEGO... and my wife (accountant) is my chief organizer of materials. My boys are my destruction squad. I just build stuff.
  • Computer Programmer, specifically using GIS (geographic information systems)
  • Ha. We are a "nerdy" bunch. Please, no offense nasty posts in response necessary! I am, perhaps, the worst of actuary...sigh
  • IT guy at a hospital.
  • Student and i also run a bricklink shop
  • I do IT desktop support in the city of london for a company called Willis, the same Willis who renamed the sears tower in chicago (which I bought in lego of course).
  • Well, Im not an adult with a real job :P (I'm almost 17) so in the meantime I do a babysitting gigs from time to time. My family just moved to Canada from the States, and my father is Canadian so i am technically a citizen, but I have to a proof of citizenship Before I can get an actual job. and getting that is still in the Proccess, but once its all settled I hope to score a job at the TRU they are going to open here in the next year or so. then I will buy all their LEGO MWAHAHAHA!
  • @bellybutton290: is that Willis, the (re)insurance company? I have a friend who works for them, he moved to an office overseas last year. He has the Lego Willis tower too I believe :)
  • Currently a business man. Was a US Army solider for 2 years.
  • Former chemist and now BD & Sales for a global Biotech company. Specializing in manufacture of Active Pharma Ingredients (the magic in medicine) for use in clinical trials to cure cancer, HIV, diabetes, etc. Basically the equivalent of building custom lego MOCs on a molecular scale using chemicals.
  • @lostintranslation yes Willis the insurance and reinsurance company we are based next to lloyds in london lime street. Glad to hear I wasn't the only Willis employee to buy the lego version of sears/Willis tower. I would ask who you knew there but i'm not sure I should on here. The model tower is ok but expensive, I felt duty bound to buy it.
  • I'm a Government statistician in charge of producing the Secondary School Performance Tables
  • Former architect, current stay-at-home dad (by choice), living 3 miles from both a Lego Store and TRU. Much self-restraint required ....
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    English Composition and Rhetoric professor at Florida International University... with a focus on New Media communications and Writing Center theory and practice - and a previous career history in plant science research (field corn!). I'm also a creative writer who swoons women with my lego collection. Ok, did I mention I focus on fiction writing ;)
  • Computer Programmer, specifically using GIS (geographic information systems)

    Some body else who knows what GIS is! Lol

    I have a degree in GIS, remote sensing and geology but I'm a mum to lego mad 11yrs girl and work part time for Asda at the moment
  • I wish I knew.
  • IT Business Consultant by day and avid Lego collector by night :)
  • I co run the family business
    What is the business?
  • Lawyer (commercial litigator) or as my wife likes to say, I get paid to be a d***.
  • I'm a scientific advisor specialising in Respiratory Medicine. Sounds flashy but nobody really knows what I actually do!
  • Senior Systems Engineer (Linux) with a focus on MySQL, security, and compliance (PCI and HIPAA mainly). Working on adding Oracle to my quiver of specialties.

    - Chris
  • @mr_benn: nano or nebulizer delivery? Small-molecule expert by chance?
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    @BrickDancer neither really, primarily medication delivered by hand-held inhaler devices - depends on what you mean by 'small' (if we're comparing it to inhaled proteins and antibodies, then yes, small!)
  • I'm a househusband and look after our 2 kids. Before this very difficult and stressful job i was in the motor trade for over 15 years
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    I am an electrical engineer who performs R&D in the field of power systems. It has its moments, I guess. Someday I would like to design and build a lego city complete with LV power lines, working stop lights, and a tram.

    P.S. I don't envy @Chompers above as I can assure you that his job is 100 times harder than mine on a good day.
  • ^ Also an Electrical Engineer, analog circuit design.
  • claims specialist in workers compensation
  • Stay at home mom/ housekeeper/ circus ringmaster/ therapist/ boo boo fixer/ pet cleaner upper/ dishwasher/ cook, etc. etc. etc.
  • starfire2: me too :O)
  • Native San Diegan, living in MN, degree in Forestry and Law Enforcement, loving the new ranger city police sets! Currently working a desk job for a local parks agency.

    Husband also posts under this moniker. He's a senior software programmer for a company that writes software for major electrical companies to run their grids. He's the one that got me hooked on LEGO and now we're a nerdy lego-collecting married couple.
  • I also should add since my hubby helps with shipping....that he works for John Deere. It is fun seeing the variety of people on this board.
  • I live in the bay area, and own a local donut shop. =)
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