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Alien Conquest Promotional Brick - 4648930

edited August 2011 in Collecting
Picked up this promotional brick at the Tigard, OR LEGO Store on August 25th as a bonus gift with a check-on to geographic social network

Alien Conquest 2011 : 4648930 -
Foursquare Venue :

Kind of a fun freebie seeing as I have been the 'mayor' of this particular LEGO Store for almost a year now.



  • ^ That's a nice little gift! :) I use foursquare too, and the thought of receiving free LEGO by using it is pretty damn cool, but alas there are no LEGO stores in Ireland.
  • Yea no Lego stores near here either...shame as I'd really like to partake of these promotions!
  • My son got one at the Lego store when they had their big build event recently. He hunted around the ribbon models to find 5 aliens from Alien Conquest. Found 'em and they gave him that same brick. Pretty cool little freebie.
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