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Wanted - Shadow ARF Troopers, Wolfpack Troopers, Geonosians and Kingdoms set 30062 (Target Practice)

CapnRex101CapnRex101 United KingdomAdministrator
edited January 2012 in Marketplace
I am looking for Shadow ARF Troopers, Wolfpack Troopers, Geonosian Warriors, Geonosian Zombies, Geonosian Pilots and Kingdoms polybag set 30062 (Target Practice).

I am willing to trade or pay for any of these items. If anyone has any of these that they are willing to trade or sell post a comment here or PM me here: http://www.brickset.com/contact/?CapnRex101 http://www.bricksetforum.com/messages/add/CapnRex101 and we can work out a trade or price. I have quite a lot of things ready to trade so if you suggest what you want, I will see if I have it!


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