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Forum Suggestion - Page number links

edited February 2012 in The forum
Not sure if forum change suggestions are appropriate here or not. If not please delete this. I was just wondering if it would be possible to duplicate the page number link line from the bottom of a discussion to the top so that scrolling through a whole page isn't necessary to get to the links. It isn't a huge deal but when browsing on a phone it gets a bit tedious.


  • ^ agree. Although I've gotten quite good at speed-scrolling through a giant page of posts to get to those bottom page links on my phone.
  • Ditto. I've been thinking this for a loooong time. Page at the top would be very helpful.
  • +1

    Yes please, this would be a big help.
  • edited February 2012
    The forum software is hosted by VanillaForums and as such we are constrained by the framework of the hosted solution and can't make customizations. I think that's a great suggestion, as well as page numbers and a last page link on the discussion title before having to click into a discussion. If you feel strongly enough and have the time to request this, or any other feature, we welcome you to let VanillaForums know:

    What we can customize is the number of posts shown on a page. It's set on the high side right now. Do you think it would be better to have less posts per page to reduce scrolling but increase the need for page navigation?
  • I personally hate short pages. The more stuff you can fit on the page the better. (Probably why I like the 'All Discussions' look better. But that's for another discussion). :P
  • Personally I'd rather have to scroll then have to change pages often so long pages are less of a hassle for me then would having to click through more pages. I will submit a suggestion to the link provided for those changes to see if we can't make some progress.
  • I use the 'End' button instead of scrolling all the way down.
  • @Galactus there is no end button on most mobile devices.
  • Sorry, somehow I missed this part: "when browsing on a phone"
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