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LUG Index

bluemoosebluemoose Member
edited March 2013 in Community and Events
This discussion is for a list of LEGO User Groups, organised by region.
Initially lets keep it to 'real-world' groups.
If you know of a LUG not listed below, please post in this discussion thread & one of the Staff members will add it to the list below. Please provide a link to the official website of the LUG. I've added a few countries that we know have got active LUGs ... it's by no means comprehensive & isn't meant to signify any kind of seniority, it's just to get the thinking juices flowing ... we'll sort out the ordering once it starts to fill-up a little ...


Belgium -
BeLUG - http://www.belug.be

France -
FREELUG - http://www.freelug.org

Germany -

Great Britain -
The Brickish Association - http://www.brickish.org
Brickshire - http://www.brickshire.org.uk
LUG Notts - http://w11.zetaboards.com/LUG_Notts/index/

Ireland -
Brick.ie - http://brick.ie

Italy -
ItLUG - http://www.itlug.org

Netherlands -
LOWLUG - http://www.lowlug.nl

Poland -
LUGPOL - http://www.lugpol.pl/

Portugal -
COMUNIDADE 0937 - http://comunidade0937.com
PLUG - http://www.plug.pt

Serbia -
LEGO klub SKOCKANI - http://www.skockani.com

Spain -
HISPALUG - http://www.hispalug.com/foro/

Sweden -
SWEBRICK- http://www.swebrick.se/forum

Luxembourg -
AFOL Luxembourg - http://afol.lu/

... ... ...


United States -
Arizona "Cactus Brick" - http://cactusbrick.org
Arkansas "ARKLug" - http://arklug.org/
Chicago, IL "ChiLUG" - http://chilug.webs.com/
Connecticut "LUGOCT" - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LUGOCT
Indiana "IndyLUG" - http://www.indylug.org
Minneapolis/St. Paul "TWINLUG" - http://twinlug.com
New England "NELUG" - http://www.nelug.org
New York Tri-State Area "I LUG NY" - http://ilugny.org
North Carolina "NCLUG" - http://www.nclug.us
Orlando/Tampa Florida "GFLUG" - http://gflug.org
Pennsylvania "PennLUG" - http://www.pennlug.com
Portland, OR "PortLUG" - http://portlug.org
Sacramento, CA "SacBB" - http://sacramentobrickbuilders.org
San Francisco Bay Area, CA "BAYLUG"- http://www.baylug.org
Seattle, WA "SEALUG" - http://www.sealug.org
Texas "TexLUG" - http://texlug.org
Washington Metropolitan Area "WAMALUG"- http://www.wamalug.com
Washington Metro Area Lego Train Club - http://www.wamaltc.org
Wisconsin "WisLug" - http://wislug.org/joomla/

Canada -
Manitoba "MBLUG" - http://www.MBLug.org
Quebec "QuéLUG" - http://www.quelug.org
Saskatchewan "S.L.U.G." - http://sasklegousersgroup.yolasite.com
Southern Alberta "SALUG" - http://www.salugweb.ca
Victoria "VicLUG" - http://www.viclug.ca

... ... ...

Canberra ACT"CLUG" - http://www.clug.com.au/
Melbourne VIC "MUGS" - http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/mugs-list/
Syndey NSW "SydLUG" - http://www.sydlug.com/
WA "WA Bricks Society" - http://www.wabricksociety.org.au/
Brisbane QLD "BLTG (Brisbane Lego Train Group)" - http://www.bltg.org/

LUGBrazil - http://www.lugbrasil.com

New Zealand
New Zealand South Island LUG "LUG4/2" - http://lug4x2.org

... ... ...


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