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LUG Index

This discussion is for a list of LEGO User Groups, organised by region.
Initially lets keep it to 'real-world' groups.
If you know of a LUG not listed below, please post in this discussion thread & one of the Staff members will add it to the list below. Please provide a link to the official website of the LUG. I've added a few countries that we know have got active LUGs ... it's by no means comprehensive & isn't meant to signify any kind of seniority, it's just to get the thinking juices flowing ... we'll sort out the ordering once it starts to fill-up a little ...


Belgium -

France -

Germany -

Great Britain -
The Brickish Association -
Brickshire -
LUG Notts -

Ireland - -

Italy -

Netherlands -

Poland -

Portugal -

Serbia -

Spain -

Sweden -

Luxembourg -
AFOL Luxembourg -

... ... ...


United States -
Arizona "Cactus Brick" -
Arkansas "ARKLug" -
Chicago, IL "ChiLUG" -
Connecticut "LUGOCT" -
Indiana "IndyLUG" -
Minneapolis/St. Paul "TWINLUG" -
New England "NELUG" -
New York Tri-State Area "I LUG NY" -
North Carolina "NCLUG" -
Orlando/Tampa Florida "GFLUG" -
Pennsylvania "PennLUG" -
Portland, OR "PortLUG" -
Sacramento, CA "SacBB" -
San Francisco Bay Area, CA "BAYLUG"-
Seattle, WA "SEALUG" -
Texas "TexLUG" -
Washington Metropolitan Area "WAMALUG"-
Washington Metro Area Lego Train Club -
Wisconsin "WisLug" -

Canada -
Manitoba "MBLUG" -
Quebec "QuéLUG" -
Saskatchewan "S.L.U.G." -
Southern Alberta "SALUG" -
Victoria "VicLUG" -

... ... ...

Canberra ACT"CLUG" -
Melbourne VIC "MUGS" -
Syndey NSW "SydLUG" -
WA "WA Bricks Society" -
Brisbane QLD "BLTG (Brisbane Lego Train Group)" -

LUGBrazil -

New Zealand
New Zealand South Island LUG "LUG4/2" -

... ... ...


  • France: FreeLUG

    BTW, you can probably use this map:
  • ^ Thanks, we very well might, but I kind of like watching the list build up for now to get a good idea of what representation we have here.
  • Probably a good place to start would be the list of active clubs for the LEGO Ambassadors. LUGs on the "Lugmap" on LUGNET (or elsewhere) often have gone defunct. Current list can be seen on Brothers-Brick:

    Personally, I'm from NELUG (in case you're keeping track of which clubs have actually signed up on Brickset)-- we've been active since August of 1999, and have had a website since July or August of that year:

    A quick jump through the list of 2011 Ambassadors shows the following "Location" based clubs that I think haven't been mentioned already:

    Brikkelauget – Norway – Cecilie Fritzvold
    NILTC – Illinois, USA – Matthew DeLanoy
    Byggepladen – Denmark – Svend Erik Saksun
    TWLUG – Taiwan – Josephine Shih
    1st State LUG – Delaware, USA – Robert Fries
    BrickInside – South Korea – Sung-Wan, Kim
    HUNLTC – Hungary – Donat Raab
    LUGOLA – Los Angeles, Ca, USA – Paul Lee
    TurkLUG – Turkey – Cagri YUZ
    LEAHI – Hawaii, USA – Nelson Yrizarry
    GTWLUG – Saint Louis, Missouri, USA – Benjamin Ellermann
    TVLTC – Huntsville, AL, USA – Kristina Schwarz
    PennLUG – Pennsylvania, USA – Michael Tighe
    Cactus Brick – Phoenix, Arizona – Clark Edwards
    VicLUG – Victoria, Canada – John Langrish
    Communidade 0937 – Portugal – Americo Verde
    Palikkatakomo – Finland – Tuomas Kukkamaa
    Pockyland LUG – Taiwan – Yen-chih Haung
    Lebgo – Bulgaria – Borislav Mihaylov
    RoLUG – Romania – Alexandru Armin Roșu
    LUGPol – Poland – Maciej Karwowski
    ParLUGment – Ontario, Canada – Jude Beaudin
    LUG Brasil – Brazil – Wagner Cavalli Rodrigues
    1000steine – Germany – Christian Krützfeldt
    TexLUG – Texas, USA – Anthony Sava
    AFOL of Japan – Japan – YOSHIKAZU SAITO
    QueLUG – Quebec, Canada – Patrick Bégin
    T-LUG – Thailand – Pijarn Charoensri
    LGOe – Austria – Verena Schaden
    Double Brick – Russia – Alexander Horoshilov
    MaLUG – Hungary – Peter Katulin
    Kocke Club – Slovenia – Vedran Šubic
    Thai Brick Club – Thailand – Pitsanu Boonyarit
    ItLUG – Italy – Luca Rusconi
    Brickenburg – Romania – Sever-Mihai Alicu
    SwissLUG – Switzerland – Stephan Matter
    MBFR – Germany – Stefan Klomberg
    NELUG – New England, USA – Bill Bourn
    HKLUG – Hong Kong – Andy Hung
    BeLUG – Belgium – Ludo Soete
    NCLUG – North Carolina, USA – Rick Gratton
    CoLTC – Ohio, USA – Ken Cefaratti
    WHaCKOLuG – Ontario, Canada – Jeff Van Winden
    rtl – Toronto Ontario, Canada – Iain Green
    TonLUG – Ontario, Canada – Jenn Wagner – Ireland – James Shields – Moscow, Russian Federation – Igor Makarov

  • edited April 2011
    There are two more active LUGs I know. - From Brazil. I have not been participating in this Lug lately, the last event I was present was in January... - From Portugal
  • @davee123: Thanks, that list of active LUGs is more what I wanted than the lugnet map. I won't add that list in it's entirety yet, since it's nice to see what LUGs are present and accounted for, but ultimately we'll round out the list and that definitely looks like a good basis.
  • I agree with @rocao that I'd like to see how many lugs we actually have represented here in the forum. But the info above is great.
  • Actually-- you know what might be nice is some stats on clubs. How many members do you have and how long has your club been around? Or, since that's sometimes a fuzzy area, approximately how many different people in your club have attended a meeting or event held by your club?

    Oftentimes, I'm not sure if a club is just a handful of 6 or so people or if it's a huge 50+ member deal. I know the reason a lot of clubs faded out was that they only had 1 or 2 "core" members who either relocated or stopped being as into the hobby. Hence, the club sorta falls off the radar and goes defunct.

    NELUG has about 60 members, about 40 of whom have attended events or meetings in the last year, and we've been around for almost 12 years.

  • edited April 2011
    A quick jump through the list of 2011 Ambassadors shows the following "Location" based clubs that I think haven't been mentioned already ...
    As an Ambassador, I already had that list immediately to hand (with all the associated web links too), but had decided not to publish it here immediately; the idea was to get members to provide info on the LUGs they had direct knowledge of, to promote engagement in this discussion, so we could get some feel for what the spread of membership of real-world LUGs is like in the membership here.
  • GFLUG in Orlando/Tampa Florida

  • the idea was to get members to provide info on the LUGs they had direct knowledge of, to promote engagement in this discussion, so we could get some feel for what the spread of membership of real-world LUGs is like in the membership here.
    I realized this... eventually... but not until after I (and others) had already deleted some posts where people stood to be recognized. If yours was a post that got deleted, feel free to comment again and please excuse my empty-headedness.

  • Under Canada: VicLUG -
  • Serbia - LEGO klub SKOCKANI -
  • Canada - Saskatchewan Lego Users Group (S.L.U.G.)
  • Italy - ItLUG
  • Just because it seems to have been missed in the updates:

    New England - NELUG -

  • I am with PennLUG. I know several of our members visit your site regularly.

    Pennsylvania - PennLUG -
  • I can confirm in Ireland is alive and as noted above we're on the ambassadors list.
  • USA
    Michigan - MichLUG -

    Although it's in my home state, I am not a member... but it has some of the USA's top LEGO builders... In 2007 the NMRA (National Model Railroad Association) held their national convention in Detroit MI. And the results were stunning.... these buildings are mostly of Detroit's historic center. Detroit has one of the largest collection of Art Deco Office Buildings in the country (after NYC and Chicago).....
  • Belgium
    BeLUG -

    By the way, I'm not a member (yet?), but I know they do exist and I went to "Brick Mania" they organized last WE.
  • Know that it is mentioned up top but I am a member of ILUGNY, the LEGO Users Group of New York.
    We are relatively new on the scene as it seems that the great State of New York has either been without a functioning LUG for a long time or has never had a functioning LUG. I know that others have tried for NYC and for North Central NY but they are either now defunct or not too active.

    ILUGNY is a growing group of about 15 members right now. We formed in 2010 with our 1st public, group display being Maker Faire NY in September/October of last year. Since then we ran a public display at Lyndhurst Castle, have built Brand Ribbon models for the Queens and Long Island LEGO Stores, volunteered at the Grand Opening Building Events at those 2 stores, had a public library display in Massapequa and are in charge of 5 LUG Showcase Displays. One of our members has conducted LEGO workshops for kids at local libraries. One of us is at Brickmagic this weekend and we have attended Brick Fair and will be attending Brick Fair once again this year.

    Anyone interested in joining/learning more visit or send me a flickrmail (I'm notenoughbricks).
  • edited June 2011, Canada since 2006
    68 active members participating in about 7 shows each years plus 4 regular meeting somewhere in the province of Quebec.
    rocao - added
  • edited June 2011
    United States, Indiana - "IndyLUG"
    rocao - added
  • edited June 2011
    NCLUG -
    rocao - added
  • edited June 2011
    North America, US, Texas -

    it's on DaveE's list,
    just wanted y'all to know you've got at least one member here.

    getting ready for Brick Fiesta !
    texas' first lego con as far as i know.
    rocao - added
  • edited June 2011
    North America, US, Oregon, Portland,
    rocao - added
  • edited June 2011
    Cactus Brick

    US - Arizona
    rocao - added
  • edited October 2011
  • edited October 2011
    Luxemburg / Europe
    Added - @Matthew - 28/10/11
  • edited November 2011
    New website for ILUGNY. We felt that since we are not a commercial interest we would be better off having as our website.

    So check us out at
    Added - @Matthew - 27/11/11
  • edited March 2012
    LUGOCT: The LEGO® Users Group of Connecticut

    The LUGOCT was formed on November 1st, 2011 by Kevin Hinkle of Manchester,
    Connecticut. The club shares the love of building by meeting up, putting on
    shows, and enjoying knowing more people who like to build just like they do.

    If you live in Connecticut and are interested in joining us, please visit us:

    Group Flickr pool:
    Yahoo! Group:
    Added - @rocao
  • ^ heh, knowing you're a batman fan, I can't help but think that you either consciously or subconsciously decided on "OCT" :P
  • It'd be cool if you could add LUG4/2 to the list (New Zealand South Island LUG)
  • Wisconsin, USA

    I haven't been there yet, but it doesn't seem like a very large group from scanning the site.
  • Have another entry for Wisconsin:

    In addition, I'm hoping to start a group in the Fox Cities/Northeast Wisconsin area. Anyone interested please PM me and I'll add you to an email list. Once we find enough interested people we'll try for a real world meeting (and get a website).
  • Any In Australia???? Specifically SA?
  • The Australian LUGs I know of are -
    CLUG - Canberra LUG - ACT -
    MUGS - Melbourne LUG - VIC -
    SydLUG - Sydney LUG - NSW -

    There was an attempt to start one in Adelaide (AdeLUG), but I think it stalled.

    If you can get there this weekend -
  • edited January 2013
    A couple more I've just found -
    WA Bricks Society (previously 'PALS', Perth Adult Lego Society) -

    BLTG (Brisbane Lego Train Group)

    Also, in general, this discussion on Flickr.
  • ChiLUG (Chicago Area LEGO Users Group)
  • MBLUG. (Manitoba Canada)
  • ARKLug Arkansas Lego Users Group
  • Thanks all. I'm on my mobile at the moment so it's too unwieldy to edit the list with your additions, but I'll take care of it the next time I'm at my desk.
  • This thread has been a great help for me trying to update the Brickwiki Fan Groups Category. I am slowly working my way through so soon it will be up to date. Thanks!
  • Sorry but is no longer active and has changed to
    A constanly growing afol community in Luxembourg/Europe.
    Thanks for thre update.
  • LUG Notts is new and small but we hope to continue slowly expanding.
  • edited March 2013
    Also, not forgetting the Yorkshire, UK based Brickshire
  • ToroLUG's been around a couple of years now and does most (all?) of the displays in LEGO Retail Outlets in the GTA.
  • TVLTC in Huntsville, AL is now TNVLC: Tennessee Valley LEGO Club.
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