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Yatkuu: Any Shaun of the Dead fans around ?

edited April 2012 in Introduce yourself
Hello guys, I’m new to this lovely place… been out of my DA for a little over 2 years now, I knew about Brickset but… I did not know you had a forum! Ha, yeah seriously.
I am an active member of Eurobricks.. my life is pretty full already so I can’t actually guarantee that I’ll be a very active member here but the main reason why I registered today is because I’m the guy behind the Winchester project, yeah, THE infamous Winchester.

I know that this story is shaking up our little AFOL world and I’m here to reach out to the community because the community is the reason why I did this.

I’m sure most of you know that it is not always easy to explain to people about our hobby. When I came out of my DA I had my share of skeptical looks, even from close relatives. After a while I started becoming a bit better at MOCing and a few of my creations started getting some attention and they all came around. The best example is probably my father - 2 years ago when I got my LEGO down from the attic he really did not get it, I think he was genuinely worried about me! He nevertheless came around progressively... I think the Conan O’Brien show really blew him away and he is now as excited as me to see what is going to happen next. He sometimes watch this type of TV show so it’s pretty much as if my world had suddenly entered he asked me what my next projects are.
I don’t want to give you the violins and tell you a sentimental story.. just give a bit of insight on my motives.
How often does our AFOL world meets the real one? Not very often, that’s right.
When I started thinking about making a LEGO version of the Winchester in November last year I had no idea that this build was going to be featured all over the net and go as far as reaching Edgar Wright or Simon Pegg. I just wanted to make a cool model. The unexpected notoriety of the build gave me the idea to submit it as a CUUSOO project because I saw the potential to improve the visibility of our hobby.

I never did this to corner LEGO in a difficult situation. When I posted this on CUUSOO back in January I almost immediately took contact via email with the CUUSOO rep to get a pulse of how they felt about it. Their message has been pretty much the same all along – no guarantees, but go ahead. So I did, and I got (very) lucky.
I was discussing the matter with a friend and this came out: “"No point in making the project phase only for adults if they're going to apply the kid filter on the product stage." – That’s a pretty good point IMO.
I consider myself a true LEGO fan, always have been. My creations simply grew up with me, I am a fan of the zombie genre and sub-culture associated with it so I mixed my passions. I know very well that it’s on the edge but I tried to do it with taste. In my opinion CUUSOO is a platform to pitch for new ideas and catch the new trends. So yeah, it’s different than what LEGO usually does but it’s the point. Explore new territories, not do the things as LEGO would, they do that very well on their own!
So.. will it happen? I don’t know, I sure hope so.
If anything, this story made a lot of people happy - the momentum was full of positive energy and it probably brought back into the hobby a few if not a lot of people who had forgotten how fun and entertaining LEGO can be and that’s already an accomplishment.



  • congrats on the 10,000 - the model is great looking. I do hope Lego find a way of getting it out into the world somewhere.
  • Welcome @Yatkuu, you have created a great model and also a dilemma for LEGO and it will be very interesting to see what happens next!
  • Congrats on the votes. It's a great story, and if nothing else, then at least it's your moment of fame! I'm sure a lot of us will be interested to see what comes of this, and no doubt they're will be some changes to cuusoo whatever the outcome.

    Good luck!
  • Thank you guys! Same for me, I can't wait to see what happens!
  • Did you know that Simon was going to mention it on the show?
  • Welcome! I love the film and your lego version, congrats! Have they contacted you directly yet btw?
  • I did not know they were going to talk about it… I mean I already knew that Simon was supporting the project but I think he never planned to talk about it on TV. Actually, when I watch the interview I get the sense that he did not see it coming either.
    And no, I have not had any direct contact with any of those guys so far but I sure look forward to it!

    I just got off the phone with a journalist from the Guardian & the Belgian paper “Het Nieuwsblad” will do a paper later this week… that’s really cool because it means it is now going beyond the "specialized" medias.
  • I actually meant have lego been in touch, though I'm not sure if I'd rather talk to LEGO or Simon Pegg! ;-) Very exciting stuff for you Yatkuu!
  • Even if it doesn't get off the ground through Cuusoo, it's still been some great exposure for both yourself and the Lego MOC'ing community as a whole!
  • I BET this turns up in the Metro, UK readers :P
  • I'd buy this x2, great stuff! :)
  • @Yatkuu, welcome, and congratulations.
    I think you done a great job of capturing some of the humor of the movie in your model which is undoubtably why it was allowed to stay on Cuusoo and also why people love it I would assume.
    Anyway, just a quick post to say well done, and great model, I will definately be buying if it makes it to shelves (or online).
  • @Savage_Steel - I have only been told that the "internal review" would only take place after Easter - in Billund.
    @mr_benn - Yes, and it has been one of my main goals all along! YAY for the Winchester!
    @andhe - Please keep me posted if it does! btw, the Guardian article can be seen here.
    @lilmonster777 & princedraven - Thanks!
  • edited April 2012
    @andhe. Better than the Metro, it's in the Guardian (and has appeared about 4 times on my FB wall today!) Well done @yatkuu
  • Very nice work @Yatkuu! Your art piece and back story on coming out of the Dark Ages is an inspiration. Can't wait to see what you come out with next.
  • Yes, I would like to see Yathuu's model produced by Lego as I see it as a nice addition to my collection. However, this whole social media explosion has put a questionable debate on what the general public supports vice what they want.

    Would a A list celebrity garnish 10K votes for a creation of two bricks forming a plus sign? I bet yes. It's all about followers and having those minions follow the advise of someone who thinks they know all.
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