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2012 Jambalaya exchange (US)



  • edited April 2012

    I haven't seen the images of what @littletoki has added to the box (do i need to join the flickr group to see them?), but the solution that i would suggest is to treat generously excessive contributors as secondary box originators (i.e that the box needs to return to each of those people once more, after the cycle is complete, in order to retrieve unclaimed extras/or their equivalent):

    The person who originates a box would ordinarily be the last leg of the journey, if everybody took as much as they added, (in order to retrieve whatever was left, i.e. theoretically equivalent to what they stocked the box with at the start), but if some people have added excessive extras, there's no reason you can't add a few extra legs to the journey, just for those people who added generous extras, to reclaim an equivalent of what they added.

    Basically, as long each participant gets to take an equivalent to what they add, there should theoretically never be any gains made by any individual - just so long as the box continues its travels to anyone who significantly added more than they took (in order to recover equivalent to what they added).

    It would only be unbalanced, if the box journey just suddenly ends, still containing heaps of stuff.

    Of course, if those people don't want the extra's returned, then you could simply donate the excess to charity, or just retain whatever state the box is in, and use it untouched as the start of a new box, sending it round in perpetuity for as long as people wanted to keep it going...

  • ^ Aah, yes, i can see it on the second (your photos) link. It's not showing for me in the first link... maybe it takes a few days to go public or something in the group pages.

    Your pictures almost gave me a shock when i saw the upcoming image of the massed pile of minifigs... thought "oh no, please don't read 'what i added (3)'". :os

  • I'm going to say it again because it seems it keeps coming up. THIS IS ABOUT THE FUN OF IT! Some people have a lot of stuff and are generous and are going to put extra in BECAUSE THEY WANT TO. There was no implication at the start of this that everyone was going to get exactly what they put in. Stop over thinking it. If the first person ends up with a ton of stuff because everyone put in extra then they can decide what they want to do with it: keep, give to charity whatever. If they decide to keep it all then so be it and I for one will not think them greedy or selfish.
  • I think @legomatt meant well and just wanted to provide some suggestions on how to maintain fairness.

    That said, as @graphite mentioned - this is really about the fun of it. Plus, I discovered a whole new Lego element that I now absolutely adore - microfigs. Couldn't be more pleased with my round with the box. :D
  • I agree that this should be fun and I think we have all the structure we need. I can't speak for anyone else but I am very much looking forward to adding stuff to the box. :o)
  • An ebay auction with the money going to charity at the end would seem like a nice way to carry on in the spirit of the thing.

    Might be able to get it on the front page news here as well.
  • edited April 2012

    i think you misunderstood my post. I'm not particularly fussed one way or another what people do, as it's all about the fun for me too. But I was trying to address issues that as you say, keep coming up which pose potential pitfalls for some.

    I could have said "i don't give a flying fox what you do" but then that doesn't contribute much does it?

    Ordinarily, organisational stuff is usually done behind the scenes and nobody sees it - so as not to spoil the fun - but in this case it has been conducted openly, which some people don't enjoy being part of or even witness to.
    As i'm quite rational, i can separate the fun aspect from the logistics, and have both discussions at the same time. But just for you I promise to make no more suggestions in answer to OTHER people's problems.

    On with the fun... (i will quietly see myself out)...
  • The box was mailed out priority to jadedance on Saturday so it should arrive Wednesday at the latest.

  • For those adding photos to the flickr stream, you can tag the location of your photos so we can track the box:

    Just like the community google map, you needn't specify your exact location.
  • @bmwlego - I think you wanted the punk rocker minfig? If so, I asked @jadedanc to put that one aside with your name on it.
  • @bmwlego are you into BMWs or is that for something else?
  • THANKS @littletoki
    graphite-bmw are my initials-as a youngster my mother would tell me that all those cars with my initials on them are mine.
  • ^That's hilarious. All your BMWs r belong to me.
  • ^ My BMW is definitely not belong to anyone but me =)
  • Good old German engineering.

    Hmm. This is way off topic now. Ummm. I'm interested in seeing if the animal menagerie in the box changes along its trans-continental journey. :D
  • edited April 2012
    ^ I've one of these lizard things I could throw in.


    Edit: just looked at what sets contain that. "Fire Hammer vs. Mutant Lizards". Come on LEGO be less like the Godzilla franchise.
  • Ooooh. Darn it. That is a very spiffy pink lizard thingie.
  • Got box! Posted photos. Need the next person's address so I can mail it out tomorrow. Hmmmm that would be.....Jocappy!!
  • Wow, you guys are all amazing so far! I don't think this could possibly go any faster! :) What is the turnaround, about an hour each stop? I better get a move on and get ready. Hehe.
  • Oooh, you added a statue of Liberty @jadedanc ! And I loved the little farm box you put in. Piggie > crocodile!!

    Okay, this box is growing exponentially. I think a 2nd round might make a lot of sense although it'll probably be too expensive to ship at this rate. Take more stuff out people!! :D
  • Lol...I actually picked up 4 of those farmer boxes real cheap... I have a Farm MOC building in my head lol, along with the LSU stadium and Van Helsing MOC.
  • man, I'm so drooling over all this stuff I see being added, and the box has already passed me! ;-)
  • @jadedanc - I might want to trade with you for an extra farmer box. Want more minifigs or more grey 2x2 grey slopes?
  • ^ I know! It's only going to get worse. :D
  • That is why we need two boxes going lol, just kidding! Now you see why I asked if anyone would be interested in doing this. I have already found my trade partner for life... wink at @littletoki
  • Yes. I have been bitten by the trading bug!! :D
  • I love that little farm set. This is exciting watching the adds and subtractions
  • I just picked up one of those farm sets with one of my BL orders the other day.
  • hey, I want that farm set too!!!!
  • I am gonna MOC a complete farm set I think. I have the tractor too atm. Hopefully my payday will get here quicker as there is a person on CL with the large farm set. I already emailed her and let her know my interest IF she didn't sell it before the 14th.
  • Yep I have 2-4 of those on buying list for when payday hits :) PLUS I need a TON of light grey, dark grey, black, dark purple and gold/yellow bricks as well as white and for an LSU stadium MOC and Van Helsing village MOC, as well as LOTS of minifigs. Anyone have bulk of any of those they wanna sell just pm me :)
  • Just curious where the box is now. En route to @jocappy?
  • @littletoki Yep mailed it on Monday I think it was. She should have it by now definitely. I will go find my delivery confirmation slip and look it up today if we don't hear anything.
  • Just sent my address to jocappy for when she's ready. =D
  • Waiting for the package, then off to @KulshanGirl
  • @jocappy Shows it was delivered to you today lol Enjoy!!
  • Yes, just got home! Opening in minutes. @KulshanGirl should ship Monday no problem. I'll pm you once it goes out!
  • Post photos!! :)
  • I didn't see this thread until today, so I missed out on 2nd box (I just worked out what (2x) meant!!), don't think I got a PM ... but still looking fwd to when that first one wends its way to MA!!

    So I'd send the box back to @rocao at the end?
  • ^ Looks like a good variety to start with. Thanks. Whoever sends it back to @rocao be sure and get that man some red 2x4s.
    Duly noted :)

  • Sent package today!
  • We haven't gotten the 2nd box off the ground yet. The first one was just under way at that time, so I figured we'd wait and see how a couple exchanges went.

    Everything seems to be running smoothly and everyone thus far seems to be happy, so I don't see why we shouldn't go for a 2nd box.

    @andyscouse: are you comfortable starting? It should go in the opposite direction.
  • Sure! To give me an idea ... what approx weight should the box be?
  • ^ first one was about 1lb, 10oz, including box and all materials, on it's first leg of the journey
  • OK. I'm off on vacation next week, so if it's ok to send out in about 2 - 3 weeks (time for vac, then to assemble box, etc), I'd be more than happy to start it. What size of Flat Rate box did you use (there are 4, I think).
  • ^ In that case, maybe it would be a better idea to start with someone else and have you catch the box on the tail end of the its trip around the Northeast.

    @pcirone: you mentioned previously that you were willing to start the box. Still up for it?

    I didn't use a flat rate box because it was cheaper to just send normal priority. If the trend of people putting in more than they take continues, at some point (and on some legs of the journey) a flat rate box may make sense, but the option is up to the shipper so long as it's shipped priority.
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