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What's your LEGO 'status' today?



  • great idea, I haven't even thought about that, have the thing pack up like they're going to a festival. That would be awesome,thanks. How many hippies can we fit in a van?
  • at that scale he' d look like a hippy toddler (with a beard!)
  • Spent the night disassembling dusty sets on the top of my desk and put them under the shower.
  • @si : You made me laugh! Hippie toddler festival here we come!!!
  • It's moc day! Finally gonna try building something and not just sorting bricks for hours. (she says optimistically!)
  • Good luck @Savage_Steel! My Lego status is withdrawal pains cause I haven't built in 2 days lol. Come on payday! GET HERE quicker!!!
  • ^^ Good idea, though the van is a bit bigger than minifig scale isn't it?
  • Have fun @Sav!

    Gah, Kings Cross station is shiny and new and CONFUSING! Had to buy a CMF from Smiths for a sense of the familiar.
  • Hopefully it'll rain soon to encourage to get out of the garden and into the LEGO room to sort my bricks out!
  • Wondering wether I should dismantle my Death Star, as it seems to be gathering dust...
  • ^ Did the same last weekend.
  • How long did it take? If I do go ahead and do it, the obsessive compulsive in me wants to put the pieces back in their corresponding bag/box, which I'm not looking forward to!
  • It was around five hours. Not something I enjoyed but it had to be put away correctly. I am very slow though.
  • I know what you mean - it will be worth putting it away correctly - thanks for that
  • Lego fix satisfied after a delicious lunch. The day could have only been more perfect if I could multi-task making it possible to build and read here at the same time.
  • My Tower Bridge arrived the other day, finally got home and laid eyes on it. Shame I can't build it for another 3 months!
  • ^Doesn't want to ruin his reputation at school and his friends, eh? They're all into basketball and video game of choice is Minecraft now.
    @Si_Dorking_Surrey_UK Right on. He's still into building his own stuff so we have that time together. He helped me with the Podracer kit and we had a blast. Sebulba's racers is a great build. Awesome set for parts too.
    @Savage_Steel I know...:( I'll miss our days out to the store but he does want to go to the Club meeting for the Marvels heroes theme build so we'll have a nice day at the store then...;)

  • Just finished building the mini lego store. Still waiting on a few pieces from bricklink but with all the bank holidays I couldn't wait so subbed where necessary. Quite pleased with it.
  • Back from my first ever visit to Legoland, really enjoyed it.
  • ^ did you pick up any shirtless Darth Maul's?
  • Built FB and the Creator beach house today. Really enjoyed both. FB was my first modular build and I am always amazed at the techniques for the little detail parts.
  • Just finished building my own mini modular on Lego digital designer... now time to order the pieces.
  • Spent most of yesterday helping to build the display models for the new Milwaukee-area LEGO store. We did 60+ models in less than 12 hours.
  • Finished Town Hall, enjoyed the build and looks good next to FB. Testing out my new profile pic as well!!!
  • Spent yesterday building Duplo cakes with my gorgeous niece, and teaching my adorable nephew how to be a Jedi, but today I actually am lost in the midst of translation and keep getting distracted by notifications on my bookmarked discussions!
  • ^ hahah I know which one you mean :o) ... you KNOW its more fun!

    I've spent the last few hours organising trades - its so damn complicated!
  • ^ Yes, you are the chief culprit in my lack of diligence... Think of it this way, if you let me get on with my overtime, I'll have some money to pay what I owe you!
  • The 'Easter bunny' brought my niece and nephew lego. Built the atlantis sub and the pizza planet truck with them. Both great sets, the pizza truck was great for a girl, the figs are awesome and she loved putting them in and out. plus the build for a 4 year old is pretty good as it's split into 4 bags. Thanks Tesco for that at 75% off!
    Atlantis sub is great, but a bit fragile when trying to open and close it. plus the big stickers, grrrr!
  • I've had a nice day with my children, we watched The adventures of Clutch Powers on DVD. Then we built 4 Toy Story sets together, I would also like to thank Tesco of those great buys. I can't forget the Cars 2 Duplo, my little 15 month old boy pushing them around saying brum brum :)
  • edited April 2012
    ^ cute! not bought any of those yet, I figured by the time bump is old enough to enjoy them I'll have acquired plenty of other duplo sets...but the cars do look very playable.

    We also watched clutch powers. though I might have fallen asleep a couple of times, in my defence though I did cook roast beef dinner for 8 before hand.
  • ^ Your only supposed to be eating for 2 ;p
  • Just got done with the farnsworth house. I like it, I like all the little tiles they used for the deck and inside floor. Might start on the FB today but not sure, im pretty tired after todays hibachi experience.
  • ^lol!
    I only had 1 creme egg today. I know, I'm shocked too!
  • On the topic of Easter, I'm still waiting for the grocery store to put the Easter candy at half price. :D Then I can stock up on the Cadbury Mini Eggs. Muahahaha...
  • Getting the minifig fever again as I rip into the new Marvel sets. Loving all of them, especially Deadpool and Cap's shield.
  • @LegobrandonCP...i LOOOOOOVE the cadbury mini eggs and cadbury creme eggs...i am planning the same thing well as picking up my marvel order at TRU
  • Currently trying to talk my wife into letting me get all the new Marvel sets. Seems to be working, knock on wood.
  • ^ just keep telling her if you order on TRU there is a glitch that is letting you get $10 off each item minimum $50 order.
  • My LEGO status right now would probably be 'So many MOCs to build, so little time!' On account that the deadline for the Forbidden Cove JRCIII is coming up, and I have way to many categories to build for! Hopefully I at least get a few more done before the end...
  • Started the FB, really liking it so far even though im not that big on the whole fire house theme. Love the garage door.
  • Easter trip to lego ship done. Three pick and mix tubs filled, two happy children. Ice dragon bought in smiths with £5 off voucher and gift card, bargain. Lego stationary carousel bought in John Lewis. A very good shopping day!
  • Status: Need to sort, store & part the 4 grab-bags and 2½ PaB tubs ... but won't get chance until end of April ...
  • edited April 2012
    Spent most of yesterday helping to build the display models for the new Milwaukee-area LEGO store. We did 60+ models in less than 12 hours.
    On Saturday, a group of us from NELUG did the same for the Peabody MA store, due to open in May. I completed 5 of the 37 'ribbon' models, and between us, we had probably only 6 or 7 left to do (will be done by some members next weekend). A very enjoyable day (topped off by a visit to the Braintree MA Lego store for above-mentioned grab bags & PaB).

  • edited April 2012
    @si - americans call a fringe "bangs" eugh! seems so wrong! Also that style is available from lego direct in light yellow for about 50p ish.
    Indeed; I've lived here 16 years now, and never got used to why that call a 'fringe' that ... and also why they have no "h" in yoghurt and pronounce it "yo gert" (with a pause between syllables). And I don't know how many times I have to correct ... the plural of Lego is Lego ... not Legos!!

  • Just finished building Wolverine's Chopper Showdown. Ok build. Helicopter could use more detail on the inside, like a steering wheel.
  • Finished my City table and put all my MISB sets in a closet.
  • I just finished building 7712 Exoforce Supernova that I purchased with some other Exoforce sets from craigslist. Great set - and I really dig these old minifigs! Next up is 6860 - the Batcave; this one's for my 4 and 6 year old sons to play with.
  • Working on 2 display sets for the new Lego store in Lynnwood, WA. Already finished the Birthday Cake with flies (yes, flies). Working on the Pool Party display now. Have the backyard, fences, pool, and a few other items done. Going to go get Tower Bridge tomorrow :)
  • Working on 2 display sets for the new Lego store in Lynnwood, WA. Already finished the Birthday Cake with flies (yes, flies). Working on the Pool Party display now. Have the backyard, fences, pool, and a few other items done. Going to go get Tower Bridge tomorrow :)
    The birthday cake is one of the ones I did - and yes, all 30 of those bugs! I'll bet TB will be an excellent build ... I should get that set, being from the UK and all that ... lol.

  • @jadedanc - that pool scene is a beast. It ended up being a 5+ hour build for one of our people.
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