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MinifigsMe: Looking for input on my new Custom Minifigure site

Hi guys,

A few of you know this, but I make custom minifigs. It started as a silly thing, making derby figs for my team-mates, then for other teams, then footballers...and now the request are getting quite varied :-)

My facebook page is getting a bit limiting (especially as it's called roller derby figs, and I can't change that!
My husband is helping me build a proper site for them, so that I can add a few more blog type posts and photo stories.
Anyway, I'd love it if you guys could check it out when it's done and give me some feedback (won't be for a while). But if you have any ideas of what you think I can include, that would be ace.

In the meantime here's some little dudes that will be posted out soon. @collect_that, I also have the figs I owe you. The newcastle ones are @redbullgivesyouwind's
@matthew I can send the quidditch ones as soon as I've got payment.

P1060203.JPG 378.3K
P1060205.JPG 324.5K
P1060206.JPG 288.5K
P1060207.JPG 290.5K
P1060191.JPG 458.6K
P1060210.JPG 275.3K
P1060209.JPG 260.5K
P1070416.JPG 235.7K


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