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2012 Jambalaya exchange (US)



  • ^ I see you posted photos for @jocappy - loving the Toy Story army men! Arggggh.
  • :) this was fun, my son loved the ninjago booster and little city set.
  • This is really neat
  • Package has arrived! I'll get it shipped back out before the weekend. :)
  • Wow! I wish I had been AFTER you @jocappy lol
  • ^ Trust me when I tell you that you'll say that for EVERYONE.

  • @littletoki LOL Yep! I already knew that! I was like that in the scrapbooking one. Another reason I wanted to start the box. I loved being the last person to see how much the box changed from when I started it. Maybe in the future I can start another box.
  • I tried to add more than I take :) soon the box could get out of hand :) plus if anyone wants any toy story polys pm me ill trade me for other polys or 2x10 blue bricks!
  • Good grief you guys! Is everyone sneaking in more than they are putting in the photos? This box is a beast! Hehe. :) I've gone through it, and taken out a pile, and now I just need to see if I can find enough to match it. I'll get it in the mail tomorrow or Friday. SO fun!
  • Yes I will start the second box.. just give me a firm "go ahead" and whoever is the first recipient send me your address.
  • I find this fascinating and love the added element of photos - and watching one person's "trash" become another person's treasure. Although can any Lego really be called trash? :)

    You know what would be entertaining (but a logistical nightmare)? A Lego swap meet!
  • I would love a swap meet. Maybe we could make it like a dollar store - make ziplocs that are all valued at a dollar, and then we could trade straight across. It would be faster that way than trying to mess with piles of loose bricks. I-5 corridor WA/OR this summer? Hehe.
  • ^ Monday night July 23rd at Crater Lake and I'm in =)
  • The mosquitos would eat us alive at Crater lake!! :D
  • I will be down on the Oregon coast sometime in July. Let me check on the dates. :)
  • @KulshanGirl I am on that corridor, in Parkland! or better yet we could all meet at the Lego store in Bellevue LOL...
  • Actually I think I wanna ride down to the Portland store where @littletoki gets those grab bags at!!!!
  • Actually I think I wanna ride down to the Portland store where @littletoki gets those grab bags at!!!!
    She gets so lucky I havent ever seen any available in that store!
  • Rather than luck, I think it has more to do with the fact that I'm at the store every other day. *looks sheepish*

    I might have a problem.
  • If I had a store within a 20 minute drive or so I'd probably just hang out there all the time =)
  • ^ that same store is 5 minutes from my work. I spend my lunch hour there at least 3 days per week.

    @littletoki isn't the only one either - there are at least 3 or 4 different people who all check regularly for grab bags, and buy the whole stock of them if/when they find them. They made some on Monday or Tuesday, and another person got the bulk of them this time.
  • Yeah my local store is 50 miles away from me lol. Kind of a good thing too or I would be like @littletoki and @graphite and be there WAY too much!
  • I could live with 50 miles away =)
  • @pcirone
    Did @murphquake pm you his address so the 2nd box can begin transferring hands? He is a cool guy and we can get this next box off to a good start.
  • I'm in the same boat as @littletoki and @dougts I have a Lego Store less than 5 minutes from my front door... just 3 short blocks and on my way to the subway and just about everything else I do. BTW Toki... what problem could that be =-D

    @bmwlego done!

    @pcirone you got mail! Let's get "X2" on it's way to the rest of the country.

    @KulshanGirl I saw a cool setup on FBTB where they held an online grab bag type event. Broke up a bunch of sets (usually the same thing) and each person participating paid in what ends up the cost of a set and shipping, but they go around picking the lots they want... lemme look for a link: got it... a "Parts Draft"

  • Parts drafts are awesome! LUGs do this kind of thing in person which result in acquiring many different parts in varying quantities. I LUG NY drafted the newer Forest Police HQ last December. I ended up with about 60+ masonry bricks and tons of the medium nougat 1x4 tiles. The draft took forever to complete so the next time we do this I'm sure we'll pick a smaller set to break up.
  • All the more reason for me to start making it to the meetings then isn't it? Does ILNY usually do new sets? Seems like FBTB focuses on sets they can get a bunch of on clearance so the cost is cheap to put together multiple sets for lots of parts.
  • What order will the 2nd box go in?
  • @murphquake
    The last draft we did was for a Prince of Persia set we got on clearance.
  • ^^ reverse order. pcirone will start it. you're 4th on the list.
  • I sent off the box to @BrickDancer yesterday, and I will upload my pics asap. :) One more to get off the camera. :)
  • Hi guys, got the box yesterday and sending it back out today to Player #8 on the list, @aimlesspursuits. I couldn't add to the Flickr stream, so here's a link to it on mine.
  • You're such a minifig accessory ho, @Brickdancer - LOL! Let me know if you need more goblets and cups. I might have a few lying around. >.>
  • @BrickDancer: I've accepted your request to join the group on flickr, so you should be able to add your photos to the group pool now.
  • I can't help it @toki, you turned me into a junkie. My gf even said I've gone 'minifig crazy'. I'm using the handcuffs and golden goblets for an MOC though, not fig-purposed.

    Thanks @rocao, pics added to the group.
  • Got the box today. I'll try to get it back out by saturday.
  • edited April 2012
    The box is on it's way to Texas for @fyrmedhatt. Pics are posted on Flickr. FYI - I also did have to switch to a Medium sized Priority Mail box due to cost.
  • Wow, some amazing stuff you put in, @aimlesspursuits !

    More Toy Story polys!! Gaaaaah.

    This box is going to be 10 times the size by the time it gets to the East Coast.
  • This is really exciting watching stuff go into and get taken out of the box. Isn't it supposed to stay the same size rather than continually growing like a snowball?

    All the poly swapping is fun.
  • We're pretty packed into the Med Priority box, though its not bursting yet. So it'll probably level out in size, hopefully. Sorry if I went a bit overboard in adding stuff, it was late last night when I did this. Kept thinking it wasn't enough, must have been the lack of sleep.
  • This last round makes me want to teleport the box to NYC. Got some stuff at the BaM Bar today (most of the parts for CMF Street Skater/Mad Scientist/Musketeer/Sailor/Figure Skater/Hula Girl are currently there, if anyone has a request for the 2nd box... Got a couple sailors today to add when the box comes to me, will probably get some other stuff the coming week...

  • ... a mad scientist or two would be great, @murphquake :)
  • Batman Jetski & City Racer polybag in TRU today... Typical rip off TRU tax... $5.99 AND NYC sales tax :-o
  • Wow, everyone is putting in some great stuff, I was avoiding the photo stream but just checked it out. Only 9 more stops to go before Maryland....
  • I'm about to try to make everything fit back in the box, and when done it will be on it's way to Iowa. Pictures will be going up soon...
  • Guess I'll just have to take out more than I put in to ensure it still fits after I get it =)
  • ^ I don't think anyone would complain at this point :)
  • Guess I'll just have to take out more than I put in to ensure it still fits after I get it =)
    You'll probably have to, I had to use my PaB packing skills in order to make things fit, but they finally did...
  • @andyscouse went in to get some more mad scientist parts at your request and hit the jackpot: the manager wanted the floor cleaned under the computer/building table and there were a ton of parts under there. I almost got the whole lot after offering to pay the price of a few grab bags but a woman with 2 kids asked and they gave her a few small bags while I got about 2/3 of the haul... mostly filthy, and a lot of gunk to clean but some cool stuff in there (lots of minifig heads).... I'm slowly sorting through it all and will be putting not destroyed stuff in the X2 box when it starts. Probably ended up with 2lbs of elements all told, including several BAM bar pieces I didn't get when there were hundreds of them before my CMF collecting started.

    @graphite one man's junk is another man's treasure! if you take out a piece that's worth $5 but put in 100 assorted pieces worth about 3 bucks overall I don't think anyone will mind. Especially since those 100 pieces will probably have more individual bits someone likes or wanted. What's fair is up to you, as long as the box moves along I think we'll all be happy.
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