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Have you ever been lucky with doubles in a set?

Today I was building SW 7962 Anakin's and Sebulba's Podracers. In bag #1 there was the great minifig Sebulba (in its own small bag) but there was also an extra bag with Sebulba in the box.
I wanted this set badly because of the podracing scene and the great minifigs and I ended up having not only one the best SW-sets ever but also with 2 Sebulba's!
I wonder if I'm the only lucky guy around here with this nice experience. Did you ever find doubles in your sets? I'm glad to hear about it and what you did with it.


  • Congrats! I don't think I have ever gotten a double minifigure or part in a set (excluding extra parts) but I did get an extra sticker sheet from .
  • My 8877 Dark Fortress had an extra bag with the armor pieces for the main knights. It has been awhile so I can't remember all the bonus parts that were doubled alongside the armor. I also got 2 'Bag 11s' in my 6211 Star Destroyer which was a lot of bonus parts. Don't know if that was typical for those sets or not though.
  • Yeah, the only "double" I got was an extra bag of armor for the Clone Commander. You should count yourself lucky @dutchlrgofan50. Maybe you should buy a lottery ticket too!
  • I got an extra sticker sheet in the 3178 Sea Plane.
  • @dutchlegofan50 I also got an extra Sebulba, but it was in the series 1 planet set. One was also in the box and one in the planet, I was pretty surprised.
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    There was an extra staff for Loki in the Helicarrier Escape set I bought a couple days ago. I think I've gotten some other extras in sets but can't recall what any of them were. I'm sure they weren't anything particularly great like extra minifigs or bags of parts.
  • An opened box of POTC Cannibal Escape in got in WM had a full bag 3 in it.
  • I also got an extra Sebulba in 7962. I was pleasantly surprised.
  • I have gotten an extra sticker sheet twice.

    Of course I have an unopened 7962 sitting around... maybe I should crack it open.
  • I got the double Selbulba in 7962 as well.

    I'm sure I've had double swords or other minifig utensils in the past, but I can't remember double figures except for this one.
  • I just wonder how many sets might be missing a Sebulba?
  • The only interesting extra part I can recall getting was an extra 'kraken' in Kraken Attackin'.

    Also got a whole bunch of extra sticker sheets in the most recent 7207 Fire Boat. I figure that makes up for the dozens of bent sticker sheets I've gotten over the years.
  • Lol, I hate stickers, and I hate bent sticker sheets.
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    I have not got the double in a set of lego minifigures series yet :(
    You are a lucky one.
  • The best extra I think that surprised me once when the CMF had extras in them and the Series 1 luchadore had two gold trophy/statues in it. Sad that the later ones didn't have doubles too.
  • ^ Wasn't it the karate master from S2 that came with two trophies?

    The jungle boy / tarzan in S7 comes with two knives.
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    Yes, the karate master had the trophies. The S7 jungle boy has an extra knife because they are molded in pairs. It would probably cost Lego more to separate them and just put one in the package than it does to include both.
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    Of course I have an unopened 7962 sitting around... maybe I should crack it open.

    I haven't got around to building mine yet either. I'll be most disappointed if I don't have two now.

  • Got a double sticker sheet in the 4435 Car and Camper.
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