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[UPDATE] 5/21 - Hero factory and Ben 10 are now 50% off. Toy Story is 30% off. Various other sets between 15-30% off:

I could not find any thread with Target Online US information. They have some nice clearance sets at the moment, as well as Cars for pre-order. The 50% off sets were 30% last month, and the smash and grab has been out of stock at least twice only to return.

50% off
Space Police III - Smash 'n' Grab
Atlantis - Seabed Scavenger
Atlantis - Neptune Carrier

30% off
City - Repair Truck
SW - Tie Defender
SW - Droid Tri Fighter
Power Miners - Magma Mech
Atlantis - Deep Sea Striker
Atlantis - Typhoon Turbo
Prince of Persia - Battle of Alamut
Prince of Persia - Quest Against Time
Prince of Persia - Ostrich Race
Prince of Persia - Fight for the Dagger
Architecture - Falling Water

There are also quite a few things at 10% or 15% off.. as well as some Toy Story sets. Free shipping over 50$ I think as well.


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