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gtg905s ·


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  • thecleator
    I live in georgia what kind of offer are you looking for?
    January 2012
  • momof2boys99
    I also was wondering if all sets are complete? Your collection is stunning. I am in the Chicago area, but would be able to drive to Atlanta. If I did purchase it, what kind of transportation would be needed to haul it in? Thanks you for your response.
    January 2012
  • momof2boys99
    Hi- I am sorry that you are selling everything. Are you in a smoke-free home? How much would you want for the entire collection? Please let me know. Thank you!
    January 2012
  • nodnarb162
    im in canada, but i have relatives in washington, as typo asked, how much for the Cafe corner and market street? also how much would you want for the crawler crane?
    January 2012
  • typo
    I am in New Orleans right now, I may be in Austell next month. How much for Cafe Corner and Market Street? Thanks...
    January 2012
  • gtg905s changed his profile picture.
    July 2011
  • gtg905s joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    July 2011
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