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Kelphazard ·


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Los Angeles
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  • Brickbase
    Thanks a lot for a very nice and smooth trade!
    January 2013
  • Sherlockbones
    I've got the football player if you want him...
    June 2012
  • mikeyob
    I have 1370 Raptor Rumble, no instructions that a problem? if not, what would you consider for trade?
    November 2011
  • bendybadger
    I have a 30011 Harry Potter Lab, 30130 Mini Black Pearl, and a 30131 Jack Sparrow Boat as well as 30041 Piranha for trade as well as more that may interest you. I am basd in the UK though. Would love to set up a trade for the Holiday set
    October 2011
    • Kelphazard
      Sorry, I traded all of my holiday sets already
  • pookie
    Hi I have a sealed Club Max and series 2 skier, that I could trade for the holiday set. I live in Alameda,Ca.
    October 2011
  • Kotton
    I have series 2 skiier, pharaoh, vampire, witch, disco dude, spartan, and Mexican I'm interested in your - robot, spaceman, caveman, cheerleader, cowboy, skater, and probably magician... Let me know if you want to try and work a trade...
    July 2011
  • Kotton
    I have some series 2 I'll trade for se of your series 1... I have pharoh, disco dude, vampire, witch, Spartan and I think Mexican. Im looking at your robot, spaceman, cheerleader, cowboy, caveman and skater... Or setting like that... Hit me up if you want to try and work a trade... Kotton
    July 2011
  • Kelphazard joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    July 2011
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