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  • Coyotelily
    Hi, I can't make it to steam but would love to buy some of the sticker sheets for the vw mini ( or donate to brick fairy - would £10 buy me a couple of sheets?
    September 2013
  • Coyotelily
    Happy to buy a couple of sheets of the vw stickers but couldn't find them on your website - let me know how much and I will happily donate to sir kevbags charity or pay you direct -thanks
    September 2013
  • MinifigsMe changed her profile picture.
    September 2012
  • andyscouse
  • tedward
    @tedward I've linked to your site from my beaver scout page. Are you planning on updating it soon? I'll send you my link soon as I'm ready to launch.
    I'll be happy to post whenever you launch. As you might have noticed I am not in a rush to keep the site updated :).

    I just need a place to link to. Do you have a web page or just the facebook photo gallery? Whatever you prefer.

    April 2012
  • L33GRY
    Where do I find your store on brick link? I'm looking to get 2 VW campers initially but then go from there.
    January 2012
  • cavegod
    Hi cheers for that, what will postage be? also as long as the contents are all there and the instructions are flat i ain't bothered about the box. Pete
    January 2012
  • LukeSkywalker
    Hi, I'd like to buy your Holiday set 2, I tried finding it on bricklink but couldnt see it for some reason. How much would it be including postage to Ireland? Thanks! :)
    December 2011
  • bchow
    And thanks for the kind words, everyone has big internet balls when it comes to talking smack, perry actually cracked me up .
    August 2011
    • atkinsar
      Just checking that you know these messages aren't private, they can be seen in the Activity section of the forum or by checking someone's profile. If you want to PM (private message) someone, you can use the inbox.
  • bchow
    So I have a question about assembling sets. I have quiet a mixed lot that I've organized and now I am thinking of assembling since I have instructions. How imperative is it to make sure I am using legos for that specific set. I mean certainly the value will go down as it's not "original". But I want to build 954 and have correct pieces just not sure they are all from the same set. Is it worth my time to make this and sell it or just bulk sell my individual legos?
    August 2011
  • MinifigsMe changed her profile picture.
    August 2011
  • Kotton
    Hey, I have the following polynags to trade if you ate looking for any. I'm looking for the pharaohs quest polys and maybe some city or star wars figure polys... Let me know of you are interested in any. 30002-1: City Police Boat 30042: Atlantis Mini Sub  30071: Toy Story Army Jeep 2855045: Fire Chief  2855046: Black Falcon  30081: Skeleton chopper 30083: Dragon Fight 30010: Fire Chief
    June 2011
  • pookie
    I have a sealed mad scientist from series 4 if you would like to trade for 30131 Jack sparrow on boat promo bag?
    May 2011
  • MinifigsMe joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    April 2011
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