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  • Seems like the most flexible option would be to allow users to add whatever tags they want to their sets. Display the tags alongside the other "Your Collection" fields, and allow adding new tags with a popup similar to the ACM popup. Then allow qu…
  • @samiam - thank you, though I'm looking for images with a more 'easily-removed' background. Much like the ones on the site here - just waaay larger, lol. @akunthita - the ones on LEGO's site have transparent backgrounds as they're PNG files, which …
  • I have a bit on my flickr site: I haven't had time to photograph much lately, but hope to get back to it soon. I've also been going back and re-photographing, re-editing some of the pr…
  • For those who like their LEGO hobby to feature uplifting stories (as opposed to shoplifting ones): Man makes fifty US-States vignettes from LEGO (these are pretty cool): I believe this is…
  • Someone on ToysNBricks reported finding the Exo Suit set at a TRU B&M store in Vancouver. Will be interesting to hear if this pops up in other TRU stores (Canada or otherwise).
  • Research Institute is back to Available on U.S. S@H
  • Just checked target and the exo suit is not available for shipping, store pickup, or in stores... It apparently sold out quick. I did get a shipping notice for the one I ordered this morning.
  • Exo is listed at TRU online as well, for $24.99 even, but is currently not available for ordering.
  • FYI, for those in the U.S. at least, the Exo Suit can be bought from as well. In stock right now. Pair it with a $10+ item for store pick up and get $10 off.
  • I was real happy with how they carried it out this year. Higher ratio of winners versus losers, a significant change that flipped the ratio completely plus more. More consistent enforcing of '1 chance per day' with the badge scanning, keeping the bu…
  • Looks like there is a series of comics which can be picked up at SDCC. I don't know much else about these (just saw them listed on eBay). I'm interested in a copy of each if anyone is willing and easily able to get these. I'm not sure if/how thes…
  • Welcome back Gary. Glad to hear you are back on your feet. Hope to see some good posts from you soon.
  • All raffle numbers should now have been received. There shouldn't be any problems, but any problems let us know and we'll get them sorted before tomorrow evening. Note for those who may not have received an email with your ticket numbers - check you…
  • Will be picking up a post card from Legoland and sending it on tomorrow.
  • So that should be around 18 hospitals, £14,000 of LEGO or for our American Friends $16,400 Wow. Amazing. Nicely done @SirKevbags‌. I nearly forgot to enter and submitted my entry late last night. Looking forward to the drawing now.
  • How much stock do people put in pre-orders on eBay? There appears to be several listings already. Yeah, I considered it. I just don't know what stops a seller from mysteriously not pulling through with getting one at the show, negating your deal. …
  • Exclusive Unikitty too?! Looks like I picked the wrong year to stop reselling (and sniffing glue too). Gonna need to sell some items to pay for these guys. @sidersdd‌ - I think the mentioned that set was going to be released in January, and not…
  • Exclusive Unikitty too?! Looks like I picked the wrong year to stop reselling (and sniffing glue too). Gonna need to sell some items to pay for these guys.
  • ^ is that a new droid? Figures. I don't really collect anything from Star Wars, except the droids.
  • I'm getting dizzy with all the calculations going on in my head. So let me get this straight: Micro-Warbird w/ Rocket Raccoon = $40 Micro-Ghost Ship = $40 Micro-Classic Batmobile = $40 4 Exclusive Minifigs: 1) The Collector 2) ? 3) ? 4) ? I think …
  • From the article: "Lego will also give away four minifigures at Comic-Con, including The Collector character from “Guardians of the Galaxy,” who will be played by Benicio del Toro." Ugh. I wonder if all four will be Marvel/DC. Those four, plus th…
  • I'm guessing if this variant of Rocket is truly exclusive to this set (and not released in a future set), then this will fetch higher than sets like the Bag End and Jek Fighter.
  • Also #852996 LEGO Club Max
  • I guess we're just unfortunate in the UK, our hardware stores don't have tractors. They have boring things like planks of wood, a few broken concrete slabs, some half-dead plants, and an assortment of overpriced hose extensions. And four candles. :)
  • And BBC too. And NPR this morning too.
  • @SirKevbags‌, will you take a WHSmiths voucher?? Or see if @oldtodd33‌ and @samiam391‌ will. :)
  • I'm guessing the UCS set gets revealed at Comic Con. New store calendar hints at a set reveal at Comic Con.
  • Excellent transaction with @crownie. Excellent communication. Package received was packed with care. Thanks!
  • I'm shocked and saddened by this news. I didn't know Richard all that well, but had several interactions with him in the last couple of years. He had a great vision for many projects for the LEGO ecosystem - including open information and access t…
  • This was brought up in the Ambassador forums back in February. IIRC, this was a Europe issue only, and only temporary.
  • Day 2 of the Brickworld Indy event. It's going well. We should break our record attendance from last year. Stop by and check out the LEGO Movie display if you're in the area - including this Macromanager I put together to take on the fire mech.
  • Just put the finishing touches on mega Unikitty, and now it's time to pack her up and load up the vehicle with all the other items for the Brickworld Indy show.
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