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samiam391 ·


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United States


  • luckie_reubs
    Hey, I saw your big list of minifigs from your Christmas clean out. Did you already put all of them up on eBay? If not, do you still have Green Arrow around? What would you take for it?
    January 25
  • aaronk
    Hi there,

    I'm interested in the 2 new Ghost Trains. And maybe the used Interceptor. Thanks.
    December 2013
  • GIR3691

    Interested in the X1 Samwise Gamgee- $6 (with shipping?). Is it new/displayed condition?

    December 2013
  • augen
    Hi, how much would it cost to ship #10227 to a) Maryland and b) UK.


    December 2013
  • OldLego
    What were you looking to get for the VW camper van?
    May 2013
  • Thanos75
    Hey buddy....I was wondering if you would be up for trading my sdcc2011 batman for a Grand Emporium.....I ended up hitting the LOGE store in Birmingham on my way back....I had no clue that I actually drove right past it on my way to Kentucky...I spent way too much money there.
    March 2013
  • samiam391 changed his profile picture.
    December 2012
  • brooklynfishman
    Just wondering if you had any of the grand emporiums left and if so what is the cost? Please respond back to as I am in the military and would like to send this home to my daughter for the holidays. Thank you.

    November 2012
  • samiam391 changed his profile picture.
    November 2012
  • zoinko
    Please send me some pictures of the ironman figure to
    thanks bruce
    September 2012
    • Matthew
      Just checking you know this is a public 'wall comment', not a message. You need to use the 'Message' button on the top right of a user's profile page to send a private message.
  • Pitfall69
    Sam, I sent you a PM
    July 2012
  • zakka
    Would you be interested in swapping unopened x30 Team GB figures for some of your Star Wars minifigs?
    July 2012
  • Oakenmold
    Hi Sam
    When you find your Phoenix/Jean Grey and you are willing to trade your extras please take a look at my post. I have lots of sets i would like to trade for your extras. I understandf if you decline my offer. But Grats on getting allof those already =)
    July 2012
  • aim2xl
    Hi Sam is 10198 still available? Also if your in a major city I maybe able to pop in and do a cash deal at the airport.
    July 2012
  • aim2xl
    Sam I would love that set! Where are you located? Also if you have Mace Windue I will take 1 of them also.
    July 2012
  • samiam391 changed his profile picture.
    June 2012
  • samiam391 changed his profile picture.
    June 2012
  • samiam391 changed his profile picture.
    June 2012
  • 111ins
    would be interested in a couple if you can ship to Canada??
    LMK, Brian
    June 2012
  • Deadareus
    How much are you looking to get for your used Emporium? Might as well tell me the cost of the new as well. Shipping is to ME.

    Thanks, D
    May 2012
  • prevere
    Thanks for asking about selling it. I am hoping to still find the right arm and the legs in a large bin I'm sorting. But still, I see there is one on BL for $90. How much were you thinking? It's in ok condition.
    May 2012
  • brclark82
    I'll give you $100 for 6754 and 4956. Shipping shouldn't be bad, it'll be to 61854 and I would need it to be USPS.
    March 2012
  • Countryboy
    Hi There, I am wondering if you still have available: Technic: 8081, 8071, 8263, 8052, 8048, 8109 Castle: 8813, 7093, 7097, 8823 House: 6754, 4956, 10211 Train: 10194 Interested and wondering what pricing can you offer, shipped to NY. OR, if it's too late, do you have these listed on ebay (What's your seller name?)? Cheers,
    March 2012
  • htran
    Hello, I am interest in the Star Wars UCS sets. Do you have the prices for them? Thanks.
    March 2012
  • Dougout
    Hi, I can offer you $650 for the Snowspeeder. Let me know if you're looking for more than that.
    March 2012
  • Looking to sell several sets! Technic, modular, SW figures, and many more! PM me for more info!
    February 2012
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